Thursday, September 19, 2013


I made it. I was in Joseph's house last night. It was a bit foggy so I snuck right behind them. The house was unlocked. Inside, the walls were destroyed by what looked like claw marks. The place was absolutely stripped bare: no furniture, nothing. I went into the basement, and there it was: the 'back door'. It was a metal trapdoor, with a lock of remarkable quality. Someone tried to open it forcefully leaving a lot of marks on the trapdoor, but failed. Why couldn't they simply pick the lock? Luckily, I brought the key from the journal. It fit. The trapdoor was very heavy and I barely managed to move it. Eventually I openned it and went inside. It was a small room which reminded me on 20th century fallout shelters. What really got my attention was a chest of drawers. Apart from empty papers, there was a notebook hidden in there. I still haven't read it, but it said 'Property of Leanne Cross' on the front. I got through the first couple of pages and saw that it was a kind of a diary. I read through the first three entries. Nothing I'd write here. I mean, apart from private stuff, it had details about a walk through a forest. While I was reading it, I heard a heavy breathing. I closed the trapdoor and locked it from the inside. Soon after I heard a growling from behind it, and something started clawing the door. Then there were two gunshot and a scream, and then running noises. Two men were on the other side, I couldn't make out what they were saying though. I had to sleep over there since I was too frightened to go outside. The next morning I reluctantly unlocked the door. There was nobody in the house. The cops weren't there, strangely. I ran off, got to my senses and here I am. I'm still reading the diary thing.


PS: Our scanner broke, so I don't think I'll be posting those drawings and journal entries anytime soon.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Like you probably know, I spent most of this time investigating. I haven't posted in a while, because I wanted to find out everything I can before posting again. OK, so here's what I found out.

First off, I went to Joe's old house. For whatever reason, there were cops stationed near it. Let me elaborate. The house is in the middle of the woods, with a gravel road leading to it. The cops were stationed in the middle of the road (the only possible direction from there was Joe's old house) and as soon as I reached them, they stopped me. They asked for a 'permit', but, since I didn't have one, they sent me off, warning me to keep out. They told me, that if I came back, they could arrest me. I told them I was visiting a friend, but they just laughed. The only way there was through the woods. I decided to come back again later, and I'm thinking of doing so soon.

While I was waiting for the proper time to go back to the house, I investigated the place where Al was killed. I found nothing there. I wasn't the only one there. There was this one guy I saw earlier around town. He seemed odd, Ron thought so as well. He was looking around the tree, but as soon as I got there, he ran off. I didn't find anything there, so I came back.

Next up, I went to the mental hospital and asked to visit Leanne Cross. The employee working at the hospital looked surprised and told me Leanne passed away years ago. I tried my best to act like I didn't know and look sad, so I asked him about details. I didn't get to know anything new. He told me some people from the FBI came and confiscated all of her possessions a couple of years ago. When I asked him what the agents confiscated, he told me to go away. I tried again, but he threatened me with calling the cops, so I left.

Next up was Al's place. He lived there by himself, and there wasn't anyone around. The door was left unlocked. The place was absolutely thrashed. All valuables had been taken. The drawers were lying around, paper was everywhere, muddy footprints all across the house, even graffiti on a wall. That's the first place where I found anything new. Here are the things I found: A sketchbook, full of strange drawings. I'll post some of them tomorrow, too lazy to do it now. Al's notebook, had codes, mixed up letters, psycho shit, etc. It looks like something was glued to the front, but then ripped off. The only special thing about it was 'IN THE HOUSE' written on the first page, and 'BACK DOOR' on the back. I checked both Al's house and Joe's house, none had a back door, so I presume 'BACK DOOR' means something else, or referenced another house. I'm going to scan the more interesting pages and put them here. I also found a key taped somewhere in the middle of it. I checked, it's not the key to anything in the house. I also found another notebook, but this one was like a diary or something. It had a lock on it, and was duct taped several times around.

When I went back home, I cut some layers of duct tape, only to find out that It would be hard doing it with a knife. I thought about getting power tools. I was checking my Twitter, when suddenly, he was in front of my window. You know, old faceless. I was scared to shit and managed to put up a fucked up tweet. Only then did I realise that, even though I thought about killing myself to end this, I didn't want to die. A while ago I thought that the next time I see him I wouldn't be afraid. I was more than afraid this time. After putting up the tweet, I jumped through an open window (I was on ground floor) and ran. I don't remember what happened after that, like someone just hit pause or something. The next moment I was lying in the forest, my clothes torn apart, my shoes looking like I walked for a couple of days without stopping. When I got back to Ron's place, he told me how worried he was and how he called the cops to report a missing person. I was gone for 4 days. I just saw the tweet that went after the fucked up one. I just want to clarify that I didn't post the 'I'm alive' Tweet. Don't know who did. Or why.

I'm going to check Joe's house again soon. I didn't want to check the forest.