Sunday, January 12, 2014


Ok, the only lead I have now is Hausa and Mattatu, so I spent the last couple of days doing research on this, and I found some things. What we know as Mattatu, apparently showed up everywhere during the ages. Englishmen called him Grim Reaper, the Poles called him Śmierć, Lithuanians called him Giltine, so on and so forth. I don't know if it really is him, but all of these characters almost match his description completely, with several exceptions. Just why is Mattatu hiding under all those robes and a skull mask? The meaning of his name is 'dead', so is he truly dead? Or is he the angel of death? One couldn't know, but I feel all of these creatures/things/whatevers have deep roots, and that they've been stalking people since the dawn of men. The Master? Schlankwald, Grossman, Fear Dubh... There is even a tale I've heard of a Rake-like creature: when I stayed at a friend's in Canada, they told me a story of a creature of great intelligence and evil: the Hossholor. The Norse, who first discovered North America, settled in a location in Canada they called Vinland. They established a settlement there, and things went rather smooth, until the Hossholor came. It was a small grey man-like clawed creature, who raided the settlement and killed men, raped women, and took children. The Norse tried to fight it off, however, all their attempts angered the creature even further. A hero emerged, a man known simply as Calder, who claimed he could fight the Hossholor and put an end to his hostilities. As the night came, Calder waited for the monster. He failed to show that night. Calder waited there for seven days, until the Hossholor, hungry for flesh, attacked. They fought until dawn, however, Calder saw that he couldn't beat the creature. No matter how deep he cut the Hossholor, the creature continued fighting with even more ferocity. Soon, Calder saw there was no stopping it, so he yelled to his woman, Brenda, to quickly gather the people and escape back to Iceland. He continued fighting the Hossholor until evening, when everyone left. However, what Calder didn't know is that Brenda didn't want to leave him. Just as Calder decided to give up and die, Brenda stormed at the Hossholor with a flaming torch. The Hossholor was set on fire and rushed for water, which Brenda and Calder used to run for the ship, which was backing off. Somehow, they reached the ship and returned safely to Iceland. 

That's it for now. I decided to stay in Florida for the time being, the temperatures elsewhere are not to my liking. I'm going to try and dig up more until the next update.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014


God dammit. Hey guys, want to know something about my life? EVERYONE DIES. Everyone I ever team up with fucking dies. It's like reading a Song of Ice and Fire book, every good guy dies. Except Joseph. But I guess he died in a sense of the word. Bill is dead. Robert visited. He says Bill went looking for Agents to kill, he found the tall, sullen guy (forgot his name), and guess what happened? Yes, he tried to shoot him, yes, he failed, and yes, the dude fought back. Fucking fuck. Robert wasn't too much helpful other than that, he was somehow, let's say 'absent', during the entire conversation. His answers were indefinite, when he spoke he didn't make any fucking sense. And, at this one moment, he just disappeared. Just to make something clear: I don't trust him. The fact that he didn't kill me when he could and that he helped me out when I hung don't change anything.

Also, I looked at the weird language written in the journal. Running it through Google Translate told me it's Hausa, and further Google searches told me Hausa is spoken in Nigeria and Niger. Here's what it told me:

Weird entry 1:

Death will come in and you wake in the dawn of the night you will burn slowly as you look deliberately and who died

Weird entry 2:

Quick death spare him from the pain, I pray, I pray kill me


Mattatu is saying 'you will burn' repeteadly, and the guy is saying 'kill me'.

I also checked Mattatu. It means 'dead'. Well, rather logical, I guess. But what does it mean? Why is that his name? Too many questions, too little answers. Hitting the road soon. I'm thinking about my next location. Jon out.


Sunday, January 5, 2014

Survival Guide

Something happened. I don't know what. I got drunk for New Year's. When I woke up, Bill was gone. He didn't even leave a note or anything, like he did before when he went outside before I woke up. I checked his belongings: His journal, his laptop, and his handgun are missing. I haven't heard of him since. My original plan was to get Bill drunk and ask him questions. The problem is, I got drunk too. I hate myself.

Anyway, from my personal experience of almost six months of being a runner, I decided to write a guide of some sort. Here it is:

Chapter I: Running

You have seen the Master at least three times. Chances are he's either after you, or after your friends/family. At this point, you will run. You must gather things that will help you: knife, money (as much as you can carry without screaming 'I have lots of money and am an easy target for robbers'), gun (if you have one, you'll probably need a license for it), energy bars, a flashlight, clothes (when you pack these, go for functionality: consider you'll probably be running for the rest of your life. Also consider your climate.), and other things you might find useful (laptop, phone, accessories). Travel as light as you can, you don't want to slow yourself down too much.

About friends and family: leave them. Think about it this way: if you stay with them, they will die.

Where to stay?

Consider cheap motels with rooms up high. DON'T stay at friends. Don't stay at the same place for too long. If your area has high buildings, go up on top of them and sleep there. He needs some time to adapt himself to heights. Above all, you must BELIEVE in it. The reason why it failed when I tried it is because I didn't believe it was gonna work. It worked fine until then, when I had Joseph with me. I think he truly believed in it. That's what you wanna do.

Travelling with other people

Don't do it, unless those people are stalked by Him. Good thing is, when you travel with other people, the chances of survival are much higher. When you're alone, if they send a Puppet (brainwashed individual, some of you might call them Proxies) after you, you could get killed or captured, because those things don't sense fear. However, when there are a lot of you, Puppets are doomed, because they have no way of communicating with each other.

Chapter II: Self Defence

I'll bitch slap The Master

Are you out of your mind?! I often hear people doing the 'If that son of a bitch goes after me, I'll shoot him' talk. DO NOT TRY TO HARM HIM WITH YOUR REGULAR WEAPONS! It WILL piss him off, and he WILL try to kill you even harder. His Agents are also invulnerable, so don't even try.

How to Tell Agents from Puppets

Agents have feelings, Puppets don't. Agents can't be killed, Puppets can. Agents can speak (with the exception of Mattatu, who you can easily recognize), Puppets can't. Agents change their facial expressions like normal people, Puppets look dull all the time.

How do I kill The Master/Agents

You don't. I heard that if you have a 'special' weapon, you can harm them, but I don't know too much on the subject.

Choice of weapons

Choose whatever you want, as long it's practical, lethal, and not too big and bulky. The perfect weapons are handguns, knives, machete, etc. If you buy a handgun, buy a silencer with it too.

Chapter III: Other important stuff


Try and fit into the crowd as much as you can. You don't want to stand out, because this will bring unwanted attention, both from his Agents and from other people from the street.


Anything that uses electricity is bad news. He can mess with stuff like that. Use a bicycle, it never runs out of fuel, and it helps you stay fit too.


That's pretty much it. If I remember anything else, I'll put it in a blog post in the days to come. Sorry about the delay, but secretly, I was hoping Bill turns up. He didn't, obviously. I'm leaving his place today. I hope this guide helps someone.