Saturday, June 29, 2013


It's Jon. I'm alive. Everything's quiet. I'm going to use it into my advantage. I'm gonna do some research on how to kill this thing. I'm gonna fuck it up bad. I' m gonna fuck up Eracis and The Rake as well. This is just a quick update so you guys know I'm alive. I feel like a storm's coming. Albeit nnot a real one.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am sorry I could not reply to your pledge for salvation earlier. I was busy with saving your friend. Do not worry. He is safe and sound. I will explain later. It was a foolish thing he did, indeed. I think I should have talked to him more frequently. I thought he was the prophesied hero to come. Even though your friend is safe, unfortunately you will never see him again if The Construct lives. As for Eracis, the two of us fought over the course of centuries. He is older than me, but not wiser. His power corrupted his mind.

Now to explain how I assured the salvation of Joseph, as well as the history of The Construct.

His mind was half taken by The Construct already. I thought he was stronger than that, but the effects of the one you call The Rake (I know him by a different name) and Eracis as well as The Construct destroyed his mind. You see, I am not human. I explain myself as an entity which can, to a certain extent, manipulate time. Every time I warp to the past, a new parallel universe is created. It is what humans call the multiverse theory. Thus, by getting to Joseph before he got to The  Construct, Eracis, and Rake, I warped him to exactly 2 minutes before the event. From there I jumped to another two minutes in the past, and I did this exactly 77 times. This created 77 new parallel universes. I left Joseph there with someone I trust. The Construct is a time manipulating being such as I am, but his abilities are less perfect. He was created by a group of young men craving for power, long ago. Eracis was one of them. They studied the creation of thoughtforms through collective thinking. That is how the Core Theory was found, about 2000 years before Robert Sagel did. They created an entity which could, when near to someone, grant great power to those who knew how to take it. Those who would not would become sick and slowly go insane. That was how The Construct was constructed. Fortunately, they lost control of it. There were 50 of the young men who invented it. 26 of them killed each other, 10 died when they lost contact with The Construct, and 13 of them were killed by The Construct. None survived, but Eracis. He was smart enough to stay away from it as much as he could. He still lives this way.

I have many more things to say, but I am running out of time. Eracis is coming.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Jon

Joseph's gone. He's gone and he doesn't want me to look for him. Here's the story.

Some 30 minutes ago he woke me up. That's very unusual for Joseph as he neither gets up this early nor wakes me up if he does. He looked sort of nervous, and when I asked him why, he said he was hungry and sent me to the pizza place. Again, this was strange of him as he always does the shopping by himself.

So, OK, I went to the pizza place and got two pizzas for us, but when I got back, Joseph was gone. All he left was a .txt file on the laptop. Here's what it said.


He calls me. He calls me every night. I can't sleep. He wants me dead. I have to leave, Jon. He's getting angry with us. He doesn't like it when he's helpless. He sent The Rake. Even Eracis is his doing. He talks to me in my sleep, you know. His voice... Jon, there are four things I want you to do / not to do. I beg you to do as I say, as this is my last wish before death.

1. Don't look for me. He'll just take you like he wants to take me. Nobody can help you when he takes you.
2. Update both my blog and my twitter on a regular basis. I owe this to the people who read them. My Twitter password is (REDACTED) and my Blogger password is (REDACTED), in case you forgot.
3. Fight him until the end. Don't let him get you. Run if you have to. I will try to end him, but I doubt I'll succeed. Try and kill everyone working for him. I'm saying, The Rake, Eracis, and whoever comes in your way. Don't go for him yet. You'll know when it's time.
4. Try and contact The Seventh. He'll know what to do.

Also, if possible, visit our friends in my home town and give my father a call. Tell them all about my dissappearance. Don't tell my father about Construct. I had a call from Ed. He says he's been seeing him too. You might want to save him before it's too late. Please listen to everything I told you. And don't worry about me. He talked about you. He wants you gone too. Run, hide and fight.


P.S. Keep an eye out for anyone who has the same problem like us. You must help anyone you can.

I don't know what to say about this. He asked me not to look for him, and I guess I'll have to listen. I'll do what he told me to. It's his death wish. I'm gonna try contact The Seventh he talked about and then, I'll be off for Ed's place.
Stay with me guys,

Monday, June 24, 2013

No sleep today

I just realised yesterday was my birthday. I don't know how I forgot. Me and Jon here will have a late celebration later today, I guess. We can go buy ourselves a pizza or something, I don't know.

Sleep's been scarce through the night, I don't know if what Eracis wrote was true, but the fact that he can get us on rooftops kinda scares the hell out of me. He could have wrote that just to scare us, right?

No news as for now. Someone suggested that He comes was a line often used when Zalgo is near. I don't think Zalgo will get mixed into this, but hey. I've got Construct (Slender Man in canon), The Rake, and an... ...Eracis, I guess, after me, so I wouldn't be suprised if Jeff the Killer or BOB attacked us or whatever. I have been unable to contact The Seventh either.

Gonna try sleeping now

Keep on with the watch, but don't look for HIM
-The Thief

Sunday, June 23, 2013

News Flash

All in all, I'm alive. Not healthy, not happy, but at least alive. Me and my friend Jon are running across the states, listening to M's advice and sleeping on skyscrapers. I got hold on a laptop someone forgot in a restaurant. I know, I'm a bad person {you are}, but I probably need it more that it's owner did.

The Construct is still around, and so is his presumed Agent {not}, the one who we know by the name Katana Guy {his name is eracis}.    Looks like Construct can't really get too close to us, but Katana Guy  can. Construct only attacked us once, while his Agent attacked about two times or so. He can't get us up high either. No matter how hard I look, I can't see his face under the hood, even when he's facing me directly. Odd, huh?

I bet you wanna know more about the attacks. On the 21. of June I was sleeping in a hotel room. I thought four stories should be high enough. I was very wrong. I woke up to Construct standing beside my bed, Jon lying unconscious near the door with The Agent about to cut his head off with the katana. Construct touched me with one of his extremities (there are many). It felt awful. I've read blog posts saying it felt like hot glass touching you or whatever. This felt horrible. I can't put it into words. Like he directed all his rage into that one touch. Suddenly, an ear raping sound was heard, and they were gone. Just gone, like they never were there. We had a trip to the ER since Jon was unconscious and I had a burn where Construct touched me.

After this jolly event we decided to exchange comfort of enclosed spaces with security of rooftops. As for The Agent, or KG, whatever you want to call him, the first attack by him was when we first decided to leave. He was waiting just outside the door with his katana in hand. He seemed very weak, as I could very easily grab his hand and slash at his leg using his katana. He screamed. I never heard anything like that. You know how the nazgul scream in LOTR? This was way worse. I've gone into thinking he isn't human. Maybe I'm right. {you aren't}

Hey, I also decoded the thing those guys carved into the fence. It was in Base64. It read: He comes

See you soon, guys, I doubt I'll be seeing my friend on the West Coast since I don't want him ending up being stalked like me and Jon. Also, Jon might post somewhen in the future too.

Stay strong,

P.S. I couldn't get in contact with The Seventh {traitor} guy yet. I'll try doing that later today.

The Faceless sends his regards.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have seen Slender Man, or by the Core Theory, Construct. I know this sounds a bit rough and hard to believe, but I'm in a hurry as I have to leave my location. Now. I probably won't blog for at least 2 weeks. I'll be staying at hotels which probably don't have wifi (I decided to book the cheapest ones). Yes, I've read some blogs including M's Tutorial, White Elephants and Just Another Fool. In 2 weeks or so I'm staying at a friend on the West Coast, so I'll prob have a connection there. See you guys, and stay strong.


Monday, June 17, 2013


Ok, so yesterday I called the cops and told them about everything except the part where I woke up in the middle of the woods. When they arrived, we went to the tent (we said the katana guy attacked us there). We found it burned. The forensics took some hair they found around and went. That's all for the cops. They didn't help much.

I also received a call from a hidden number. A raspy voice introduced himself as 'The Seventh' and told me something about how the man who attacked me was a foe and how he will give me information in time. He hung up before I could ask anything. Seemingly, it's the same The Seventh from Twitter and the same guy who broke into Ron's house and made a post labeled 7. He talked in, well, somewhat of a medieval voice. I also noticed he never used apostrophes in his text, and he talked like a modernised medieval guy

Someone also painted some nonsense on Ron's house. He's pissed. Here it is if you're interested:


I'm pretty sure it's the same thing the junkies (were they junkies now?) carved into my fence. Or at least it was similar.

After sleeping over the inciedent, I feel a bit more... I don't know, real?

I'm going back home tomorrow. We still haven't found Al. Getting worried here

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What the fuck.

Imagine what it feels like to wake up to find yourself alone in the middle of a foggy forest, with no knowledge of how you got there, and then being chased by some motherfucker with a sword. Imagine openning your blog to make a new post and finding one with extremely creepy contents labeled "7". What the fuck is going on? The strange thing is, the guy on Twitter with the username The Seventh tweeted me a couple of days ago telling me something about how drowsiness is bad for running or whatever, and then, boom, out of nowhere comes that blog post telling me about the forest not being safe and whatnot. 

I bet you're dying to know what the fuck hapenned.

So we went on our little forest trek and everything was fine until we set up camp and fell asleep. As I said, there were six of us. I later learned that five of us woke up alone somewhere in the forest. The sixth one... We think we lost him. He hasn't come back 3 hours since. 
Not long after I woke up, I was chased by a man in a black hoodie wielding what appeared to be a katana. He would have got me if another man didn't interfere. I think he was dressed in navy blue or something, I couldn't quite make it out. Anyway, I think he ran in from the side and jumped on the black hoodie guy. I heard a scream, I didn't know who it belonged to. I didn't quite stand and watch. I ran away. Later, I met up with my friends at Ron's house (the place I'm staying at) and shared our experiences. The other ones weren't chased by anyone, they just had a hard time finding Ron's place, like me. Luckily, we all had our compasses with us. We went back to the tent, thinking we could find Al (the one who's missing) there. All we found is our ripped up tents. We also found what appear to be our footsteps leading to the places we woke up in. 

This is all extremely weird.

I also got a text from a weird number. It went like this:

Sender: 7777777

I told you I would help. I am the watcher. Who are you?

Notice the seven 7's. I'm almost sure this has something to do with the Twitter guy and the post labeled 7. So, who are you, seven guy, and why don't you come out?

I'm gonna make a trip to the police station. Come back to you somewhen tomorrow.
P.S. I know all this sounds weird but I'm still in shock.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Your friend left the window open. Not secure. You left your blog open. Not secure. You should not have went into The Woods. Not secure. I will attempt helping you. Your life is at stake. Not secure at all.

The Trek

Ok people, I found some time to get back to you, I'm at my friend's place so I managed to get hold of a computer. I just wanted to do a status update. So, right now we're about to drive to our meeting point for the forest trek. The trek itself is about 20 miles long so we expect to finish it in about 7 hours or so. We also figured we could camp there as well. We have two 4-person tents, so since there's six of us, we'll have some breathing space. Come back to you tommorow.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Warning to all tresspassers

Ok, here's the deal. All of you junkies keep away from my house, and I leave you alone, fine? If you don't, well, what does a fucking baseball bat to the face sound like? I don't know if you read my blog, I highly doubt it as a matter of fact, but I don't care. I let you go these couple of days, but the next time I SEE you carving shit into my fence, I'm gonna run for you. And trust me, you're the one who's gonna get tired first. When I reach you, I'll knock your brain out of your druggy skull. Don't test me.

Going off for a roadtrip :D

So, I talked to my buddy Ed some 15 mins ago, we decided to visit my old town tommorrow. It's a good 4 hours drive away, but hey, it'll be worth it. I don't know if the hotel we're staying at has Wi-Fi so I don't know if I'll manage to update my twitter or this blog. Hey, I'll bring my camera so we can photograph the place. We're also doing a trek to the woods, that'll get some memories going :D As for my little raven, I decided to call him, well, Raven. I'm gonna leave him at dad's place. We're staying for only 1 night and we're coming back home on Saturday. I'll try to keep in touch with you guys.

Hello world!

It's me guys!

 Some of you already know me. For those who don't, my name is Joseph Cross. I'm 25 years old and I enjoy creepypasta, humor, Minecraft, and good music. My earliest childhood memory is of our family house. I lived there with my parents until I was 15. It was a nice place, I had many friends and enjoyed it all. My most vivid memories of the town were the woods. A big, dark, heavily wooded pine forest. I enjoyed playing there with my friends and father.

 A day after my fifteenth birthday, my parents divorced. I never knew why, it was something they both never talked about, even nowadays when I ask my father about it, he changes the subject or something. Anyway, 3 months later my mother killed herself. She never left a note except a blank paper with her signature she held to when they found her.

Since then, my life turned into a nightmare.  The place we moved in is very, very boring. I was never accepted amongst other people, even today I've got only 3 good friends. I've been sentenced to a loner's life, and now I even lost my job, a job I barely found. 5 years ago I moved away from my dad's place and now I live by myself, a social outcast on the isolated island that is this town.

Enough of my boring, depressive past. I always wanted to be a photographer and movie director, so, I saved up some money and 2 weeks ago I bought myself a Nikon  D7000. Yesterday I went photographing but I came across an abandoned baby raven in the park. I'm glad to say I managed to get her a cage and everything that goes with it. Now I'm officially a proud owner of a raven! I still haven't found a name for it. I hope you guys like the blog, I'm pretty sure we'll be doing all sorts of stuff here and I'm also talking with a friend who's interested in cowriting. See you guys soon!