Saturday, October 26, 2013

in the cage

i am writing this post in haste. i want you all to know one thing: they didnt get me yet. i managed to escape. at least i know one thing now. no help will come. ever. im alone in this. all my friends are dead. everyone. the house i stayed in burned down along with all my things, save for some clothes and money. im typing from an internet club. i dont know how many of you are still here, but i dont even care right now, cause my days are still coming to an end pretty soon. i'm almost bald entirely now, my skin cells are dying off literally, and i swear im going insane, come to think of it, I just noticed even my writing is becoming shabby. Paranoia is striking every day, it's even worse now that i'm homeless and almost broke. i have to go now. I think I might have killed eracis, if he can even die.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Game over

So, people, think about this scenario: a random person, who is in trouble, and cannot find any help, gets some sort of anonymous friend who introduces himself (through the Internet) as a supernatural being thousands of years old and offers help. How much of an idiot do you have to be to accept? It worked with two persons. Two damned persons.

Jon is destroyed. He is an empty shell now. So was Joseph. They don't exist anyomre, at least not in the form they did. They are machines without a soul, with pure evil poured into their minds. Jon didn't even realise what happened. Insanity caused by The Puppetmaster finally took over. That's why he decided to go after Joseph. The person who he saw at his friend's death scene was Joseph. He was too insane to even realise it was him. The initial plan was for him to go after Joseph who would run into the woods, where we would surround Jon and capture him. However, his mental state was worse than we had thought, so we placed Joseph in a hotel. I made sure he knew where he stayed at, so he went there. Instead of Joseph, he found me, Eracis, and a Puppet. He managed to shoot Eracis and a Puppet. A Puppet died and Eracis is in a critical state as we speak, but I managed to capture him. We didn't expect he'd bring a gun. How foolish of us. I should have read his blog post.

There you have it. So, you're wondering, what will happen to Jon? His mind will probably be brought back to him, he will be carried into The Plains where he will suffer for a long time on The Strings. His suffering should repay for the damage he has caused us.

Now, about that little Edward thing. The Puppetmaster didn't like Edward being there. He couldn't get to Jon because of him, and Edward didn't do anything bad, so I had to come in. A threat of destruction, and Edward fled Jon's body. He's safe now. He will be properly rewarded for his service. We had to stage a large battle, so a lot of Puppets had to die for nothing.

Oh, and Jon asked for one last wish before we took his mind. He asked me to thank you all for staying with him.

Remember, don't look for us, or we'll find you.


Friday, October 18, 2013

this could be goodbye

i found the thing i was looking for. i found the hotel where the man i saw at al's death scene is residing. i will go after him tonight. i tried knocking, he told me to fuck off. i'm breaking in. i'm sure he has something to do with this. i will find answers and give them to you. in case i fail, this will probably be the last you will hear of me. my hair is falling off, my skin is becoming flaky, i am coughing badly and i have severe headaches. i saw Him a couple of times too. he visits every day. he talks to me, telling me how it can all end. how i just have to let go. he says that he could let me serve him if i want to. i always tell him to fuck off. he gets angry and tries to get me, but i always run away. i also saw rakey a couple of times. he nearly killed a dog. eracis visited. long time no see. he was just studying the house or whatever. he lost his sword. i should get a gun. to the seventh: if you are reading this, respond, asshole.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Leanne's Journal

I have read the journal of Leanne Cross. I wish I never did. It gave me some information I never wanted to know, stuff which gives me nightmares.

Two days ago I had one such nightmare. I was walking through the woods. I didn't want to continue, I wanted to go back, but I couldn't. Something kept pulling me further. Every minute it was getting darker, the tress taller and closer together. With every step the fear in me increased, the dread I felt became greater. Finally, I reached a large clearing. It was still very dark. In the middle of the clearing was a large tree. It looked as if it was thunderstruck in some point in the past, all black and with no leaves. I was walking towards it. At the foot of it, a grave was dug. There was an open coffin at the bottom of the hole. The gravestone said:

Jon Christopher Wilson
21. March 1990.- 20. March 2014

I just looked at it horrified. Then, I felt obliged to get inside the coffin. I lied down, and suddenly, He appeared at the top, just watching me. Soon after came Joseph, Eracis, The Feral One, and the person I saw at Al's murder scene. Tears of blood flowed out of his eyes, and he was completely expressionless. The coffin closed, and there was darkness. Then I woke up.

Will this dream come true? Could it be possible that I will die on the 20. of March, just a day before my birthday? I couldn't sleep last night in fear that I will dream again. I don't think I'll sleep tonight either. 

I can feel Him around. When I watch TV, it suddenly turns off, then on, then off, then on, and so on and so forth. I saw him about 2 times too. My hair is falling off rapidly for whatever reason. I think it might me the stress of all this. Back to Leanne's Journal, here's the entry fragment I found disturbing.

"New neighbors moved in! I just went and met them, very nice people. Their names are Christopher and Mary Wilson, they also have a little boy named Jon. He's 4 at the moment, 2 years younger than Joseph. The boy seemed well behaved and I hope he and Joseph get along."

My parents' names are Christopher and Mary. I never remembered any of this up to this point. Now I remember playing with Joseph in the woods and everything, I even remember where my house was at, but I don't want to go there at the moment. This was the last entry in there, strangely. I think she just thought of writing being too bothersome and time consuming. 

Now I remember an event which occurred as I was playing with Joseph. One day he told me that now that we became such great friends, he could let me meet a friend of his. I was expecting another kid, but he brought me to the woods, and there He was. Him. I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't move. That's where Leanne rushed in, started screaming at Him, and told us to run. Joe wouldn't do it, and I passed away. I don't remember anything past that point. I think that event lead to Leanne being hospitalized, and eventually dying. Somehow, I remember my life at the place I think we moved to after that event like I've been there since ever. All this is odd and I need a lot of rest.