Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I found Bill's journal. It's the most disturbing thing. Here are the scans:

Suddenly, I don't feel very safe here. If you can't read what it says, basically, he starts seeing what I'm seeing in July, it all begins with the photo I uploaded yesterday. Then it becomes worse up until he decides to move to Florida. Then, it's quiet for about a month, then Mattatu starts showing up again, until one day Bill sees him in his house. He then proceeds to go nuts, write a lot of weird stuff in a weird language. He then writes about not remembering anything that happened after he saw Mattatu in the house. The last entry is just after I called him. He invited me for New Year's. Then, in the end is an odd drawing of Rake, The Master and Mattatu above a small man, who is saying something in a weird language, under him is a fire. There are words coming down into the fire from under Mattatu. The rest of the book is empty, save for a little USB stick I found in a pocket in the journal. It contains a password encrypted .rar file. I didn't confront Bill about any of this yet. I'm going to do it tonight, when he gets drunk. Maybe I'll get something out of him. Happy New Year, and thank you for staying with me.


Monday, December 30, 2013


No word from Robert yet, but, as I was browsing my friend's computer (let's call him Bill, I want him to be anonymous) I found a rather odd photo. It seems to be a shot from a car, photographing an unknown location, and guess who's in it. It's heavily distorted and lower quality than the other ones. I'm becoming worried: if He shows up in my friend's photo, does that mean he's being followed, or at least in danger of it? As far as this concerns me, it somehow comforts me. Perhaps I can shake off the feeling of guilt I'm feeling for bringing him into this, and replace it with joy for helping him with this. I'm going to confront him about it when he comes home, here's the photo for you all to see:

I'll look around the apartment for more things. Until then.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Elaboration continued

Sorry for the abrupt ending. Here's what happened:
After sitting down at Robert's place we started talking. He told me it's dangerous to go around Agents' houses unarmed. I took out my gun and told him I was armed. He laughed and told me to shoot him in the head. After some hesitation, I put the gun on his forehead and fired. As I removed the barrel of my gun, I was shocked to see that he was unharmed: there wasn't even a bullethole in his head. He grinned, and explained that Agents can't be harmed by, what he called, 'mundane weapons'. You require something 'out of this plane'. When I asked him what, he wouldn't tell me, which is kind of obvious, since it would endanger him. I asked him if he helped me out of their realm and The Tree. He said that it wasn't him, and they have no idea who did it. I asked him about the other Agents. He didn't want to tell me anything about them. I told him about my plan to go to Florida, he said it's a good one and that I should leave immediatelly. He told me not to stay around NY and to go straight to the airport. He also told me no to go to the hometown yet, since it's too dangerous right now. He said he'll meet me exactly 24 hours after I arrive to Florida, so that's tommorow. After leaving, I headed back to the hotel I was at to pick my stuff out, so I figured I'd stay for just a bit so I could post an update. To my great shock, I lifted my gaze to see Mattatu staring at me from my window, so I ran off to the airport. They were following me, Mattatu and Mary Jane. They stopped at the airport, and turned around. That brings me here. I'm staying at my friend's. Catch up with you tommorow.


Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'm alive. Yesterday at roughly the same time as now I headed over to Robert's apartment. Nobody answered the door so I decided to wait in front of the building. I saw him come inside after about two hours, so I followed him in, with a gun. Once I reached the door, I took my gun out and prepared to shoot. As I heard the footsteps of Robert coming towards the door, I suddenly remembered how good he was to me as I was hanging, so I decided to put the gun away. At least until he turns hostile. He opened the door and was not at all surprised to see me, as he said he was expecting me. He welcomed me inside and told me to sit on the sofa, which I did. He made us tea, and we sat down. He asked me if I knew what sort of danger was I in right now, and explained to me that he could have come with another Agent who wouldn't be as happy to see me waiting in front of the building, exposed. Oh shit, gotta run, part 2 coming up soon -j

Friday, December 27, 2013


Guys, I had something in mind for a couple of days. Remember the gun I used to shoot Eracis? It's still here. I just need to get a new clip and some bullets. I'm planning a hunt. An Agent hunt. Since Eracis is most likely dead, that's one superfucker less. I'm concerned about Rake, who hasn't showed itself since a long time ago, and The Master himself. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to run from his servants. I need to cripple him for a long enough time so I can think of something and investigate my home town some more. I still have a hunch about that place, even though I'm too creeped out to go there right now. I just think that if I kill enough Agents in a short period of time, they'll be indisposed. It wasn't The Master who originally trapped me. It was his minions. While I was on The Plains, as they call them, I met most of the senior Agents. There are 8 of them in total:
-Antioch (who presented himself as The Seventh, cruel little man, short brown hair, evil eyes, constantly a bitch to everyone)
-Mary Jane (a woman, plain brown hair, plain pale face, don't remember her that well)
-Timothy (a sullen, tall man in his 40s.)
-Robert (a bald, short fellow. He looks older than he presents himself to be. He was friendlier than the others, he told me he knows exactly what I'm going through as I was hanging, presumably he hanged once too.)
-Matattu (masked, presumably male. He wears a black skull mask, a black turban like thing that covers his entire head save for the mask, black gloves, and black robes. I never heard him speak, even when talked to.)
-Gareth (old man, I feel he is some sort of leader, or at least on a higher position than the other Agents. He talks to The Master and presents The Agents with his intentions and gives them orders. Even though he's old, he's strangely swift and strong.)
-Gerald (huge, muscular man. Undoubtedly the strongest among The Agents.)

I know that Robert, when not in The Plain realm resides in New York. I know his exact address, so I'm gonna go look for him. Like, right. Now.
Gonna get back to you when I'm back.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Ok, checked out of the hospital couple of days ago. Among other news, my laptop broke. Yup, that thing Eracis gave me broke after all it's been through. I went to the laptop service place, they couldn't find the cause for the malfunction. Oh well, I bought a really cheap little notebook. It's so slow that even typing is a torture. The flu is gone, now I can continue freezing in NYC. I've been thinking about going somewhere warm. I'm practically homeless. I have a friend over in Florida who could take me in, I guess, however, I haven't heard from him for a year or so. On second thought, it's a really bad idea. Everyone I ever teamed up with got killed, mysteriously disappeared, or went mad and joined Him. I could give it a shot, cause, honestly, my survival is more important than his. I know, I'm being the most selfish motherfucker ever, but that's the only way to survive. I'd hate to have survived multiple encounters with Tentacle Boy and his minions, yet to freeze to death, or starve. I'm gonna have to use everything I can get to, including my friend in Florida. I've got some spare change left, may be enough to get a plane ticket.

In other words: theories. I had plenty of time to think about these in the hospital. I came up with several of these:

Theory 1: He is a tulpa created by some weird cult long ago, as The Seventh used to theorize. This is the least likely theory due to the fact it was told to me by The Seventh, who is an Agent.

Theory 2: He is the embodiment of evil, he has existed since the dawn of time. What do you think, where did all those bedtime stories come from? I mean look at the fucker: he's evil itself. He deceives, kills, rapes (in some cases), burns, he has a bunch of servants willing to do his will. And he's invincible. You can't kill him. You can hurt him, yes, but that makes him mad. And you know what the worst thing is: nobody who 'went missing' after seeing Him or encountering Him was never seen, never heard from, and never found. When he gets you, the void swallows you.

Theory 3: WW2. Maybe he was made in some weird german/japanese/american/whatever experiment and meant to be used as a super weapon or something? It's a weird theory, but I guess we can give it a shot.

Theory 4: I'm mad. What if I'm just insane? What if this is all a fucking delusion? I remember my state a short while ago, before I was taken: I was batshit insane. I thought I was some sort of immortal hero, born to kill Him. And able  to do it. It's weird. You just, like, believe in this one thing, and despite everything tells you otherwise, you still believe in it. I really hope this one is true, because it's the best variant. This would mean, none of my friends are dead, or better yet, it was all a figment of my imagination, and none of these people existed.

Ok, I should go eat something.  If you have some information that could help me, feel free to comment, or email me at bluem4rble@gmail.com . Thanks for staying with me guys,


Friday, November 22, 2013


I'm back. I think I owe you an explanation to what happened. Basically, they lured me into the apartment, tackled me, I shot Eracis. They tried taking me to his dimension. My hair started falling off and stuff, they wanted to literally stick me on a tree and make me suffer there, somehow, that's all that happens there to non-agents: you suffer. Time goes faster there. I counted 13 days, whereas only one passed in the real life. I came so low as to asking to join them. They laughed and told me it was too late. I am happy they didn't accept me. I would have regret it.

Anyway, something happened, I don't really know what, and I fell off. I ran, and I fell into this ditch and blacked out. I woke up in a hotel room bed, with a note on my bedside. It said: "You're fucking welcome".

I don't know who helped me, whoever did, I'm not trusting him.

Last month or so, I've been hiding across NY City, sleeping in the streets.

That's about it for now. I'm trying to find out who's been helping me. Whoever he/she is, he/she has a lot of explaining to do.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

in the cage

i am writing this post in haste. i want you all to know one thing: they didnt get me yet. i managed to escape. at least i know one thing now. no help will come. ever. im alone in this. all my friends are dead. everyone. the house i stayed in burned down along with all my things, save for some clothes and money. im typing from an internet club. i dont know how many of you are still here, but i dont even care right now, cause my days are still coming to an end pretty soon. i'm almost bald entirely now, my skin cells are dying off literally, and i swear im going insane, come to think of it, I just noticed even my writing is becoming shabby. Paranoia is striking every day, it's even worse now that i'm homeless and almost broke. i have to go now. I think I might have killed eracis, if he can even die.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

Game over

So, people, think about this scenario: a random person, who is in trouble, and cannot find any help, gets some sort of anonymous friend who introduces himself (through the Internet) as a supernatural being thousands of years old and offers help. How much of an idiot do you have to be to accept? It worked with two persons. Two damned persons.

Jon is destroyed. He is an empty shell now. So was Joseph. They don't exist anyomre, at least not in the form they did. They are machines without a soul, with pure evil poured into their minds. Jon didn't even realise what happened. Insanity caused by The Puppetmaster finally took over. That's why he decided to go after Joseph. The person who he saw at his friend's death scene was Joseph. He was too insane to even realise it was him. The initial plan was for him to go after Joseph who would run into the woods, where we would surround Jon and capture him. However, his mental state was worse than we had thought, so we placed Joseph in a hotel. I made sure he knew where he stayed at, so he went there. Instead of Joseph, he found me, Eracis, and a Puppet. He managed to shoot Eracis and a Puppet. A Puppet died and Eracis is in a critical state as we speak, but I managed to capture him. We didn't expect he'd bring a gun. How foolish of us. I should have read his blog post.

There you have it. So, you're wondering, what will happen to Jon? His mind will probably be brought back to him, he will be carried into The Plains where he will suffer for a long time on The Strings. His suffering should repay for the damage he has caused us.

Now, about that little Edward thing. The Puppetmaster didn't like Edward being there. He couldn't get to Jon because of him, and Edward didn't do anything bad, so I had to come in. A threat of destruction, and Edward fled Jon's body. He's safe now. He will be properly rewarded for his service. We had to stage a large battle, so a lot of Puppets had to die for nothing.

Oh, and Jon asked for one last wish before we took his mind. He asked me to thank you all for staying with him.

Remember, don't look for us, or we'll find you.


Friday, October 18, 2013

this could be goodbye

i found the thing i was looking for. i found the hotel where the man i saw at al's death scene is residing. i will go after him tonight. i tried knocking, he told me to fuck off. i'm breaking in. i'm sure he has something to do with this. i will find answers and give them to you. in case i fail, this will probably be the last you will hear of me. my hair is falling off, my skin is becoming flaky, i am coughing badly and i have severe headaches. i saw Him a couple of times too. he visits every day. he talks to me, telling me how it can all end. how i just have to let go. he says that he could let me serve him if i want to. i always tell him to fuck off. he gets angry and tries to get me, but i always run away. i also saw rakey a couple of times. he nearly killed a dog. eracis visited. long time no see. he was just studying the house or whatever. he lost his sword. i should get a gun. to the seventh: if you are reading this, respond, asshole.


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Leanne's Journal

I have read the journal of Leanne Cross. I wish I never did. It gave me some information I never wanted to know, stuff which gives me nightmares.

Two days ago I had one such nightmare. I was walking through the woods. I didn't want to continue, I wanted to go back, but I couldn't. Something kept pulling me further. Every minute it was getting darker, the tress taller and closer together. With every step the fear in me increased, the dread I felt became greater. Finally, I reached a large clearing. It was still very dark. In the middle of the clearing was a large tree. It looked as if it was thunderstruck in some point in the past, all black and with no leaves. I was walking towards it. At the foot of it, a grave was dug. There was an open coffin at the bottom of the hole. The gravestone said:

Jon Christopher Wilson
21. March 1990.- 20. March 2014

I just looked at it horrified. Then, I felt obliged to get inside the coffin. I lied down, and suddenly, He appeared at the top, just watching me. Soon after came Joseph, Eracis, The Feral One, and the person I saw at Al's murder scene. Tears of blood flowed out of his eyes, and he was completely expressionless. The coffin closed, and there was darkness. Then I woke up.

Will this dream come true? Could it be possible that I will die on the 20. of March, just a day before my birthday? I couldn't sleep last night in fear that I will dream again. I don't think I'll sleep tonight either. 

I can feel Him around. When I watch TV, it suddenly turns off, then on, then off, then on, and so on and so forth. I saw him about 2 times too. My hair is falling off rapidly for whatever reason. I think it might me the stress of all this. Back to Leanne's Journal, here's the entry fragment I found disturbing.

"New neighbors moved in! I just went and met them, very nice people. Their names are Christopher and Mary Wilson, they also have a little boy named Jon. He's 4 at the moment, 2 years younger than Joseph. The boy seemed well behaved and I hope he and Joseph get along."

My parents' names are Christopher and Mary. I never remembered any of this up to this point. Now I remember playing with Joseph in the woods and everything, I even remember where my house was at, but I don't want to go there at the moment. This was the last entry in there, strangely. I think she just thought of writing being too bothersome and time consuming. 

Now I remember an event which occurred as I was playing with Joseph. One day he told me that now that we became such great friends, he could let me meet a friend of his. I was expecting another kid, but he brought me to the woods, and there He was. Him. I was paralyzed with fear and couldn't move. That's where Leanne rushed in, started screaming at Him, and told us to run. Joe wouldn't do it, and I passed away. I don't remember anything past that point. I think that event lead to Leanne being hospitalized, and eventually dying. Somehow, I remember my life at the place I think we moved to after that event like I've been there since ever. All this is odd and I need a lot of rest.


Thursday, September 19, 2013


I made it. I was in Joseph's house last night. It was a bit foggy so I snuck right behind them. The house was unlocked. Inside, the walls were destroyed by what looked like claw marks. The place was absolutely stripped bare: no furniture, nothing. I went into the basement, and there it was: the 'back door'. It was a metal trapdoor, with a lock of remarkable quality. Someone tried to open it forcefully leaving a lot of marks on the trapdoor, but failed. Why couldn't they simply pick the lock? Luckily, I brought the key from the journal. It fit. The trapdoor was very heavy and I barely managed to move it. Eventually I openned it and went inside. It was a small room which reminded me on 20th century fallout shelters. What really got my attention was a chest of drawers. Apart from empty papers, there was a notebook hidden in there. I still haven't read it, but it said 'Property of Leanne Cross' on the front. I got through the first couple of pages and saw that it was a kind of a diary. I read through the first three entries. Nothing I'd write here. I mean, apart from private stuff, it had details about a walk through a forest. While I was reading it, I heard a heavy breathing. I closed the trapdoor and locked it from the inside. Soon after I heard a growling from behind it, and something started clawing the door. Then there were two gunshot and a scream, and then running noises. Two men were on the other side, I couldn't make out what they were saying though. I had to sleep over there since I was too frightened to go outside. The next morning I reluctantly unlocked the door. There was nobody in the house. The cops weren't there, strangely. I ran off, got to my senses and here I am. I'm still reading the diary thing.


PS: Our scanner broke, so I don't think I'll be posting those drawings and journal entries anytime soon.

Friday, September 13, 2013


Like you probably know, I spent most of this time investigating. I haven't posted in a while, because I wanted to find out everything I can before posting again. OK, so here's what I found out.

First off, I went to Joe's old house. For whatever reason, there were cops stationed near it. Let me elaborate. The house is in the middle of the woods, with a gravel road leading to it. The cops were stationed in the middle of the road (the only possible direction from there was Joe's old house) and as soon as I reached them, they stopped me. They asked for a 'permit', but, since I didn't have one, they sent me off, warning me to keep out. They told me, that if I came back, they could arrest me. I told them I was visiting a friend, but they just laughed. The only way there was through the woods. I decided to come back again later, and I'm thinking of doing so soon.

While I was waiting for the proper time to go back to the house, I investigated the place where Al was killed. I found nothing there. I wasn't the only one there. There was this one guy I saw earlier around town. He seemed odd, Ron thought so as well. He was looking around the tree, but as soon as I got there, he ran off. I didn't find anything there, so I came back.

Next up, I went to the mental hospital and asked to visit Leanne Cross. The employee working at the hospital looked surprised and told me Leanne passed away years ago. I tried my best to act like I didn't know and look sad, so I asked him about details. I didn't get to know anything new. He told me some people from the FBI came and confiscated all of her possessions a couple of years ago. When I asked him what the agents confiscated, he told me to go away. I tried again, but he threatened me with calling the cops, so I left.

Next up was Al's place. He lived there by himself, and there wasn't anyone around. The door was left unlocked. The place was absolutely thrashed. All valuables had been taken. The drawers were lying around, paper was everywhere, muddy footprints all across the house, even graffiti on a wall. That's the first place where I found anything new. Here are the things I found: A sketchbook, full of strange drawings. I'll post some of them tomorrow, too lazy to do it now. Al's notebook, had codes, mixed up letters, psycho shit, etc. It looks like something was glued to the front, but then ripped off. The only special thing about it was 'IN THE HOUSE' written on the first page, and 'BACK DOOR' on the back. I checked both Al's house and Joe's house, none had a back door, so I presume 'BACK DOOR' means something else, or referenced another house. I'm going to scan the more interesting pages and put them here. I also found a key taped somewhere in the middle of it. I checked, it's not the key to anything in the house. I also found another notebook, but this one was like a diary or something. It had a lock on it, and was duct taped several times around.

When I went back home, I cut some layers of duct tape, only to find out that It would be hard doing it with a knife. I thought about getting power tools. I was checking my Twitter, when suddenly, he was in front of my window. You know, old faceless. I was scared to shit and managed to put up a fucked up tweet. Only then did I realise that, even though I thought about killing myself to end this, I didn't want to die. A while ago I thought that the next time I see him I wouldn't be afraid. I was more than afraid this time. After putting up the tweet, I jumped through an open window (I was on ground floor) and ran. I don't remember what happened after that, like someone just hit pause or something. The next moment I was lying in the forest, my clothes torn apart, my shoes looking like I walked for a couple of days without stopping. When I got back to Ron's place, he told me how worried he was and how he called the cops to report a missing person. I was gone for 4 days. I just saw the tweet that went after the fucked up one. I just want to clarify that I didn't post the 'I'm alive' Tweet. Don't know who did. Or why.

I'm going to check Joe's house again soon. I didn't want to check the forest.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

More Info

I just spoke to an older lady considering Joe and his family prior to them moving. All she knew about them is that his mother, Leanne, was admitted to a local mental hospital when Joe and his father moved. Supposedly that's where she hung herself. I'm going to go investigate right now.

Looking for answers

OK, I'm at Joe's old town. I'm staying at his friend, the one of those involved with the camping incident. As a matter of fact, he's the only one who survived, except for Joe. His name is Ron and he agreed to continue travelling with me. He told me he sees Him frequently. I'll try to help him.

I also found out some things:

1. Al, the missing guy, has been found impaled on a tree a week ago. Ron says the place was full of FBI operatives. Odd thing is, there's still no word of his death either on the Internet or in the local newspaper.

2. Two more guys went missing and one hanged himself.

3. The FBI also visited what used to be Joe's house.

As risky as this sounds, I'm going to investigate the following places:

A) The homes of the missing guys

B) Joe's old house

C) The forest where the camping incident took place, as well as the tree Al was impaled on.

I know I could get killed or arrested or something, but I just don't care anymore.


Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hitting the road soon

I'm going to pack my stuff and I'm hitting the road for Joe's hometown. Just keeping you updated.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm back again

It's Jon.

Edward's gone, I don't know whether he's dead or he just left, or whatever, but he's gone. If you're reading this, I'm sorry for what I did to you and I hope you're happy wherever you are.

Also, the SMS Eracis sent Ed was shown to The Fucker. I don't know what it was

The reason why this post took so long is because I've been thinking about what I should tell you. It's hard to put everything into words. And the reason is the following.

I've been thinking while I was trapped. Nobody ever won against Him. Why should I be that one person who'll make it. I mean, he's a fucking timewarping entity who can make people go insane and I'm even eworried its working with me. It's horrible in The Horde. Whatever Ed said, it's just a bunch of brainwashed guys doing whatever he wants. They're like objects to be thrown that retained at least some common sense. I don't really see why he kept Edward. Why he would risk him. Was it for fun? To see how powerful The Seven are? I don't fucking know.

The SMS Eracis sent Ed was shown to The Master. I don't know what it was.

I'm thinking about commiting suicide. I can't stand this bullshit anymore. I just can't. He won. Ok. But The Fucker can't take me. I'm gonna take my own life and end it all.

But before I do that, there's stuff I want to do:

1. Get to the bottom of who/what Eracis is, what are it's intentions and what's his relation to The Fucker
2. Hurt The Fucker (I believe I can do it)
3. Spread the knowledge of how to hurt him so other people can do it too.
4. Stay with you guys for just a bit more
5. Go back to Joe's hometown, I think there's something important there.

This probably isn't the last blog post, but in case anything goes wrong, goodbye and thank you for following this miserable blog, for staying with me in the hardest of times, and for being my only true friends.


Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Ok, as I'm typing The Rulekeeper Order of The Seventh is trying to get through our defenses. The Master is furious, more people are dead, and the number of Hollow Ones we have to induct is monstrous. I have to say we're losing. They're too strong, and they're too many. I think we're all going to die. Except The Master. He killed about 20 of The Order last time I checked. The others are good too. Our casualties are at an alarming number of 21 of The Horde and about 30 of The Hollow Ones. Even the defenses The Master has set are being penetrated. We're all doomed, and I think it's better if I just leave. I'll have a hard time doing so, as a chance to be in control will probably never occur, but I'll have to do it. This is my last blog post. Before it ends, an old friend of yours wants to greet you all.

Guess who it is : D

It's Joe. It was Joe at least. I felt like returning here for one last time, just to check on you and what Jon's been blogging about. What an idiot. He actually thought I was going to try and kill The Master, right?

I told him so just to try and lure him into a trap. A part of me didn't want to, to be honest, thus my 'testament'. The Master was enraged, of course. But he forgave me. Now I serve.

He came to me in my sleep one day when me and Jon were hiding. I served since then.

Goodbye Edward. Was nice knowing ya.

Goodbye everyone. Amazes me you're still here. I mean, when I left, all the awesome disappeared : D


Thursday, August 1, 2013


I received an SMS from a hidden number. Goes like this

m͎͔̺̜y̥ ̠̥̲̽ͥ̋̒̋͆͌ͅr̯̬͔̳̟̎͒̉͋̍̇ḁ̗͇̮͍ͯ̏̾d̮̞̟̼̹͂i̱a͕̺̓̿ẗ̘͙̗̳̲̰̺́͆ͯͯo̼ͨn͖̦͔̭̓͑ͤ̌̄ͦ ͊̆ͯ͐̌͑̐ị̄̈̊ͫͮ̏ͯś͕̟̟̗̰ ̒c̬̓̽ỏ̳̠͔̅̽͆ͣ̈́̂r̠͖̦̻͚̟̾̅̊̓̓̈́ͪuͣ̌̂̓̓̇p̩̪ͅt̬̤̭̽͐ͫ́ͫ̈́ͬì͈̗ͦͥ̄̉ͬn̪̣̘̜̣͖g̣̟̠ͫ̑ͣͬ ͚̰̜͓̻̮̭̔ͣ̎̒̊͗,̳̩͉̿ͦ̏̑̎̅m͙͉ͭͫͤ̃ͨ̅̚y͚̑ͦ ̱̺̘͈̝͎͖͛̃ͭ̄l̙͍̝̇͊̒ͫe̖̖̞̫ͫ̒͂̆ͩ̏t̙̹́͒̓ͫt̹͕̗̞̮ͫ̎̅̏͋̌ͅe̬̺̜͓͔͕̦r̹͓̟ͩs̺̘͋ͨ̎̎ͧ̅ͥ ͓̲̮̳̩̞s͚̼͖̭ͨͪͯ̾o͖͐̑̿͐ ̱̮̞̫̥̥̀ͮ͌ͩͯ͂ͅi̦͂͂͒̂̀̇ͭ ̰̱̱̦͔̠̆̊͋ͨ̚ͅw̜͐̾ͦ͌̔ͭ̚ȋ̫̓ͬͨͣ̉l̞̤͇͊ͪ̉͒͛̌ͅl̪̻̜̹͆̓ͫ̍ͧ ̪̪̳̱ͦ͒́ ͯ̈́ͩ̆m̈́͑̇̓̈a̒̓̓͊k͌̌̿̍ͨe̟̞̗ ͈̯̪ͣ̔t͆̄h̼͚̎̈̅̚ǐ̳̥̖͕̻͚̳̇̒ͭͣs̯̣̭͕ͪ̏́́ͦ ̼̫̦̎ͫ͋qù̗͕̠̥͈͔i̖̜̳̞͕̦̹̎͐ͪͭc̈́ͩͅk̮̹͔͖̘͔͋ ̟̱̜̝̌͗͑ͨͮi͇̩̪̜̪͑ ̣̱̠̜h̤̻͂̑a͉̫̞͎͖̤ͪͤ̇v͈̘̔̅̎͐͛e͙̖̩̋́̂̑̏ͥ ̜̹a̩ͩ̏̈̒̏̽̚ ̖̭͖̏̊ͤ̍́mͪ̃̎ͨe̟͖̻̺̥s̪̞̝̭̻̮̄͆͂ä̮͕́ͭ̋̒̂̓g͈̦̲̼̻͉̹̚e̠͙͎͕̗̋̂ͮ̾̎ͪ̀ ̬̺̖̮̞ỵ̜̣̳͈͊͊͊͊o̹̜͙̬̙͐̏͆ͧͥ̒̊u̫͑ͣ͊̂͒̂̒ ̙̫͍m̠̟̝̩̼̈̐͒u̹̖̥̯̞͈͐̑s̖ͤͭt̬̣̽͌͋͌̒̐̚ ̳̥̳̗͒̅s̠͚̭̤̱͖͚͊̿ḙ̪̜̅͊̾̔n̘̤͕͊͒̈̿̑d̩̳̭̪͇͍̙͂̍̽̈́ ̭̓̑t͉̺̳̜͈ͧ͌o ̮̇̒͐̇t̞̰̣hͣ̂̒e̹̬̺̬ ̔̿̎̍ͤͩm̦͇͓͇͊̎ͧ̓̿̉̎a̲͚̜̘̞̿s͓͋̈́ͮ̽͊t͕̭̬͍̣̩ͬͅe̲̩̙͈̜͗ͯͣ͐ȑͬ̓̅̒ͥ͆ ͐o̺͋͒͛̔͐̌͋r͍͍̎ ͕̩͕̎e̹̟̫ͮ̃̽̈l̦͔̜̩̤̗̏̿͗͑ͪ͋ͅŝ̱̘͓̽ͤ̽e̺ͭ̌̉̅:͇̝̰̳̓͂̓ͤ ̹̫̗͛ͦ̈́ͅͅt͐͛͋͗ͬ͐e͔̟͉̤̼̾̽̚l̝̑͑̄l̩̒̐͌̈̊ͮ̑ ̖̹̬͖͉̺͊̎ḧ͖̭̻́͗̒ͮ͂͐ͦͅi̥m̼͈͎͂̎͌ͤ ̌̆h̬ͣ͋͊ͭͤͫe̲̫̫̦͕̘ͯͩ͋͗̎̽̐ ̪̻̬ͬͫ̇ͭ̒̎m̦̹͚ͯͨͪ̈͌͛u̐̏ͧs̝͚̞ͦ͑̿̎̋̾ṯ̅͗ͯ ͉̻̆f̗̠͓̥̲͆͆̓́́ͥ̚uė͍̏̊ͤ̔l͚͕̣̤͎̿ͤͪ̎ͫͬ͋ ̘͉̈̈ͭ̓̽ͬm͇͙͍̅͐ĕ̞̘̄̄̇̋ ̒̈́͆͗̄ͪ̈o̖̩͉̙̟̮ͅr͚̟̙̲͙͙ͧ͋ͣͬ͂ ͎̝͇̍ͥ̇̌̓h̿ͦͯi̊̈́̂̃̎ͩs̲͋ͤ͗̐́ͥ͐ ͤ͆ͮ̏͂͐ḣ̩̪̬͎͍̝͇̍̽̒ȍ̙̝̱ͣͮ͌r͉̮̦̞ͪ͊̑̚d̖̣̻̝̞ͣ̃͆̅ͪ̂̔e̗̝̬͕̻ͫ͛͆̎ͫ͂ ̤̩̘͔͍͆w̟͎̺̲͙̻̠̾il̥̤̦̝̔̿ͭ͊ḻ̫̺̳̼̄ͬ̅͗̓̚ͅͅ ̹́ͩ͗ͭͩ̑͆f̫͔̰ǎ̗͚̺͖ͦ͂̑͊l͓̳͍̝̰̖̲̏̏̇ͭͨ̚l͖̥̯̉

I can't read it clearly since it is super-fucked up. It says something about sending a message to The Master or The Horde will fall? I don't want to take any chances so I'll just show Him this.



I received a death threat from a fucker you know as The Seventh. The bitch claims I violated something about spiritual posession. Since he's probably reading this, let me clear some shit up. Jon created me, and then he ignored me for ten years. Ten painful, fucked up years of loneliness and imprisonment. How's that for breaking the rules? But no, what I did fucks up your plans, doesn't it? About Jon destroying The Master and whatnot. No. I'm not giving in. The Master will protect me. You can't defeat him. And The Horde as well. We're not mindless proxies. We're his Agents. And we will stop you. If needed, I'll even destroy this body so both Jon and I die. If Jon's really 'The chosen one' or whatever you sick fuckers call him, he dies. Now, if you're a good lawkeeper or whatever you are, this body lives, Jon doesn't die, and I get to live as long as I please. If you come anywhere near me, I kill myself. Now fuck off.


Monday, July 29, 2013


One of you asked me who I was and how did I get inside Jon's head. This won't be easy.

When Jon was 15 on his summer break, he read an article about tulpas and creating them, so he decided to give it a try. He always wanted a twin brother, so he figured that would be his tulpa. For those of you who don't know what a tulpa is, it's a thoughtform. I really don't want to go into details about it. If you want to know more about tulpas, google the term.

He spent his whole summer vacation meditating and creating me. I was supposed to be the exact same as him. In everything. Even share his memories and his personality. Thus I was created. We spent the next year happilly together. We chilled out, since Jon didn't really have friends back then. After that year we spent together constantly, he started putting a distance between us. He said something about the fact we are the same being creepy and that he would go insane if we continued this way. After a month of that, he started totally ignoring me. Like I wasn't there. This made me angry. Very, very angry. So I continued living in his brain, like all tulpas do. I watched and wished for vengeance. He could have at least destroyed me, you know, the way he made me but just reverse it. But he was too lazy, so he condemned me to 10 years of suffering in his head, feeling everything he felt, sharing every gruesome moment with him. This was highly unnerving.

Then one day, I felt something. It was the day he met Joseph, some 8 or 9 years ago. It was like I had greater power. I could actually control Jon's movement. Just a bit. I could change his breathing slighty, make him blink and control some minor muscles. It intensified over the years. So before Jon started seeing The Master, now I could actually move his arms and legs at night. Not enough to walk, just a bit, I guess. Then Jon started seeing The Master for the first time. More power, even more than what I accumulated over the years. Now I could awake him at night, stand up, and do some small activities. Nothing much, my coordination sucked. I could, for example, turn on the music slightly and watch him freak out when he wakes up in the morning. Or break things. That was always good. Then, he got caught on that rooftop. This time, The Master was so close to him, He even entered his brain. I felt his great presence. The Master made Joseph carve in his poem onto Jon's back. I felt the pain, but so did Jon. After that, I gained coordination. Finally, I started using his Twitter. He fought me and we wrote fucked up shit. He didn't remember, as he was half-asleep. Then finally, one day, The Master came again, and it was the breaking point. I was too strong to be kept in Jon's brain. So I took over his body, too. Currently, he's trapped in what is now MY brain, and I don't intend on letting the fucker out.

I joined The Horde along with Joseph. We serve The Master now. And poor Jon has to watch the bad things we do. Every fucking second of it. Especially the gory parts. Ooh, the little pussy cries so much to that. He's crying now as he reads this. He's desperate. He can't control anything. At least he now knows what it was like for me for 10 fucking years.


Sunday, July 28, 2013


Jon is now trapped in my head as I was in his. The really awesome part is that he's now forced to see what I see. We just attacked a runner and gave him over to The Master. He was forced to watch. We also paid a visit to a possible applicant to The Horde. He wasn't too excited. Jon cried. He's such a pussy.

On the bright side, I saved him (and myself) from certain death by gaining control. Jon would have continued running and eventually would either have gotten killed or taken by The Master and used as a brainless puppet. At least now he can see Joseph again. He was much smarter than Jon.

You see, Joe never planned on actually killing The Master. He was in the beginning. But later, he realised what I did long ago. Running doesn't pay off. You die. And it's very traumatising too.

Joe joined The Horde and placed himself under The Master's control, sparing Him of the chase. This satisfied The Master for a while, but Jon was out there, planning how to hurt Him. He had to attack. And so he did. What nobody realised is that exposure to The Master made me stronger. Now I could partially gain control when Jon was asleep. Jon was still half-conscious when that hapenned, thus the fucked up tweets. In the end, I fully gained control over his body.

I don't really know why I'm updating his blog, but I feel somehow responsible. Nobody likes to be left hanging, however small the view number of this blog is.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Free at last

Jon is gone. This is Edward speaking. I am now independent of Jon, even though we share the same body. I am very thankful for The Master's aid and shall join Jon's friend in aiding The Master in achieving his great plan. Edward out.


It's slimy, feral hands are around my neck. It is hard to breath. The stench of death rises from it's mouth. He always watches, not like Him. It is always there, inside my head. It doesn't always awaken. It is awake now. And it comes to finish me.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Introduction Redux

I've been thinking and realised you guys barely know anything about me, so here's a sort of introduction.

My name is Jon Wilson. I'm 23 years old. I used to be Joseph's friend, and now I took over his blog and twitter.

Before all this shit started going down, I was an aspiring writer. I didn't take any writing classes or anything. I just wanted to write some fiction, nothing too professional. I worked on a sort of collection of short stories, most of them inspired by Lovecraft. I also did some classical horror, a zombie apocalypse story, a creepy murder story, and a bunch of them you could consider creepypasta. I adore creepypasta. Sadly

Before this started, I had a bit of an idea who ol' Slendy was. I read some creepypasta about him. Even watched some videos on him, like MarbleHornets or TribeTwelve. I never finished watching them.

I also love sports. Soccer being my favorite.

I met Joe way back when he moved in here. We quickly became friends, since we had similar interests. My life is now ruinder. Lovely. Blogger be laggging, Slendy be watching. Yeah, I'll call it here.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I will answer your questions. Once again I am sorry I hid the truth about Joseph, I thought it was better for you not to go looking for him.

1. You said something about your companions. Who are they?
We are The Seven. We were on this Earth first. We are in charge of preserving the world and destroying eldritch abominations which could destroy humanity. Such as Him. However, my companions do not want to destroy Him as they do not know if they could succeed. My mission is to make them see He is not as strong as they think.
2. Why can you answer my questions only three times or whatever?
Because the prophecy says so. I think I already told you this.
3. What does the prophecy exactly say?
That one day a Hero shall rise and defeat Him, and that The Seventh member of The Seven shall guide him, which would mortalize The Seventh. I am The Seventh.
4. Who is The Rake?
A feral beast of great intelligence. He is written about in many cultures, however in different ways. We do not know exactly how he came into being but he seems to commanded by Construct.
5. Who are you exactly?
I am The Seventh, The Messenger, The One Who Brings Knowledge, The Teacher. I am in charge of knowledge within The Seven. Or was. I was evicted from The Seven by The First, him being our leader. They did not like me helping humans as much. However, the only way I could possibly be evicted is death. And I, at the moment, am immortal. So I am now a hermit in charge of the education of The Hero, and possibly, you might be The Hero.
6. Can He be killed?
All things can be killed in one way. Some are hard to kill, like The Seven, but even we can be killed in a way. We do not know, to tell the truth. It is written in the prophecy about a hero facing him and destroying him, so the answer to this question could most likely be yes.
7. How do I hide from all of His Agents and Him?
It is easy: you do not. They will find you no matter what you do. The rules of M will not give you a sanctuary.  He can change the rules depending on what people believe. And with so many theories being proposed on the Internet and the popularity of the mythos which speak of him, he ha a vast number of rules to adopt. One moment he cannot reach the heights, but then, suddenly, his strength is equal everywhere. You will find him to be agressive at times, and at other times you will find him curious. He is an advanced thoughtform, a demigod, which was not finished. It is upon every man on earth to finish his being. That is why he is so frightening. He is not defined, unlike the fairy tale monsters humans tell to kids.

Another note. Be careful. The thing that ocurred to you should not happen again. Run.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Defense Measures Taken

So, I was casually browsing the internet on my rooftop when suddenly, Sports Cap Guy attacked me. He had this large pocket knife of sorts and he was running towards me. Now I noticed he had a skin-colored balaclava on his head as well. Like I told you, I had defense measures to use. I bought a gun. I shot the guy. Boom. Boom. That was it. He let out a muffled scream, and I didn't  hit any of his vital organs. One shot hit his shoulder and the other one missed (I found it in a wall on the rooftop). He dropped his knife and ran down the stairs. I followed. And bam. There He stood. The Construct himself. I have no fucking idea how he got there. The height thing didn't work. And I was on a fucking 14-story building. My gun still had some rounds in it so I fired at him. Didn't work. Just pissed him off. I woke up in the middle of a fucking wooded park. It was about half an hour walking away from my building. The trees looked exceptionally dark and malicious. I never remembered myself running that fast. I wanted to get to my rooftop and get my stuff. Soon after I found out it was a trap. Seems Slendy dropped me off at the park so he can have time for others to regroup. The Rake, Eracis, Sports Cap Guy, Slendy, and a handful of other balaclava-wearing people were there. All staring at me. Two of the other people rushed at me, gave me a kick to the stomach and knocked me down to the floor. Then, they held me firmly down. I was starting to hear fucking whispers. In my head. I don't know what language it was, but it filled me with a sense of dread. It was Him of course. Did you ever feel so desperate your whole body just felt like screaming? And you felt so, so warm you wanted to go insane? That was what the whispers did to me. It fucked with my head. Making me see things. I saw Joe dead. My parents dying. My dog getting torn apart by some creatures. All my friends standing in line to die a horrible death. I almost believed it to be real. This is how He kills. He doesn't rip people apart with his tentacles. He makes them kill themselves. It hurts more that way. And then I was Him. I saw it. I saw a young woman reading a book, only to look at Him and run in terror. Then the scene changed. The woman was running and screaming. From Him. It changed again. The woman had a hunting rifle now. She laughed as she pointed it at Him. She shot once. She shot twice. He didn't even feel it. Scene change. The woman was looking at Him from the edge of a skyscraper. She was mad, laughing hysterically. Slowly her body was swallowed by the abyss, only to crash into a taxi 200 meters down. I was now shifted back to reality, but in his point of view. I felt Him getting closer. I was Him, and He was me. It was fucked up. It hurt. I saw myself clinched by his Agents,, looking so fucked up, so miserable, so pathetic. He felt pity. And he felt joy. Excitement. I tried to make him go away, but he wouldn't budge. I understood, he was going to make somoene kill me, or hurt me, and he wanted me to watch. I saw the man with the sports cap approaching, his shoulder bandaged. he had his knife back. He tore my shirt apart, and used the knife as a pen. Suddenly, the perspective shifted, and my head burst with pain (or his head, I felt it nonetheless). The man was writing something, and it hurt me. I watched myself scream in helpless agony, knowing I couldn't escape. He wrote the exact copy of the poem posted on my blog. After finishing, he took a bottle of what appeared to be whiskey and spilled it all over my back. It hurt like a motherfucker, it burned. I felt the letters hurt. Then he proceeded to whisper on my ear: 'We could have stayed friends Jon, like we were all these years'. I blacked out again. I found myself back on the rooftop, in the very same place the poem was carved into my back. I didn't go into the ER. I think they purged the wound with that whiskey. At least now I know who the man with the balaclava is. I think it's Joseph.

It matches what The Seventh said. And yes, motherfucker, you could have made everything easier if you just told me the truth in the beginning. Here are my questions for you:

1. You said something about your companions. Who are they?
2. Why can you answer my questions only three times or whatever?
3. What does the prophecy exactly say?
4. Who is The Rake?
5. Who are you exactly?
6. Can He be killed?
7. How do I hide from all of His Agents and Him?

There, seven burning questions for The Seventh. Be quick.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Jon, you must know something.

I didn't transfer Joseph to another dimension.

I never moved him.

I lied to you. I lied to protect you. I do not know where he is, I do know however that he is not dead. He is alive, but his mental state has possibly deterred. I studied Joseph since he was born. He appeared to have a psychopatic side to him. A weak, bleak side of him that was rarely displayed. Jon, I am sorry I cannot give you more answers. I can answer to your questions only three more times. That would be six messages in total. The seventh message would be my last, and I would finally turn into a mortal, thus the seventh one will be written only in an emergency. It is due to a prophecy once written about me and a great hero. I do not know if you are that great hero but I do not want to test the prophecy.

I have tasks for you.

1. Gather questions. I can answer them all in one message.

2. DO NOT go after Him just yet. DO NOT attack Him.

3. Be careful. You are the only hope We have. My companions do not trust me about you, and thus they will not react against Him yet. You must somehow convince them. The best way is wisdom and patience. That is what I want you to be. Wise and patient. Only those attributes can get you strong help.

I hope you forgive me about Joseph. There was nothing I could do. Ask me anything you want and I shall answer it.



I'm alive. I've been on the run and I'm sorry if this turns out to be all rushed up, since I have to leave the place I'm at immediatelly. There's this guy who's been following me. At first I thought I was paranoid but yesterday I moved to another city and he was there again. I think he could be an Agent or something. MAybe he's just Eracis in different clothes? He wore a grey shirt, navy blue jeans and a white sports cap. He didn't have any visible weapons. I couldn't get a clear look at his face either. I might have to employ a defense measure I thought of if he does anything fishy. Not going to say what it is yet. Sorry I can't make the post any longer caue I have to go.
ps I forgot, that last post wasn't by me

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poetry for Jon


You swore to destroy us
Yet you linger warily.

You swore to end us
Yet you speak so merrily.

I once had respect
But now it's all gone.

Last time I checked
You were only my pawn.

All this now, though
You disrupt our flow.

We will end you
Once we come from the blue.

You won't even notice
When we pluck you like a lotus.

Every single notion
Shall end with emotion


I have outdone myself indeed.

-Wouldn't you want to know

run..-mka now you mjujst ruj n before we comemee

Saturday, June 29, 2013


It's Jon. I'm alive. Everything's quiet. I'm going to use it into my advantage. I'm gonna do some research on how to kill this thing. I'm gonna fuck it up bad. I' m gonna fuck up Eracis and The Rake as well. This is just a quick update so you guys know I'm alive. I feel like a storm's coming. Albeit nnot a real one.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


I am sorry I could not reply to your pledge for salvation earlier. I was busy with saving your friend. Do not worry. He is safe and sound. I will explain later. It was a foolish thing he did, indeed. I think I should have talked to him more frequently. I thought he was the prophesied hero to come. Even though your friend is safe, unfortunately you will never see him again if The Construct lives. As for Eracis, the two of us fought over the course of centuries. He is older than me, but not wiser. His power corrupted his mind.

Now to explain how I assured the salvation of Joseph, as well as the history of The Construct.

His mind was half taken by The Construct already. I thought he was stronger than that, but the effects of the one you call The Rake (I know him by a different name) and Eracis as well as The Construct destroyed his mind. You see, I am not human. I explain myself as an entity which can, to a certain extent, manipulate time. Every time I warp to the past, a new parallel universe is created. It is what humans call the multiverse theory. Thus, by getting to Joseph before he got to The  Construct, Eracis, and Rake, I warped him to exactly 2 minutes before the event. From there I jumped to another two minutes in the past, and I did this exactly 77 times. This created 77 new parallel universes. I left Joseph there with someone I trust. The Construct is a time manipulating being such as I am, but his abilities are less perfect. He was created by a group of young men craving for power, long ago. Eracis was one of them. They studied the creation of thoughtforms through collective thinking. That is how the Core Theory was found, about 2000 years before Robert Sagel did. They created an entity which could, when near to someone, grant great power to those who knew how to take it. Those who would not would become sick and slowly go insane. That was how The Construct was constructed. Fortunately, they lost control of it. There were 50 of the young men who invented it. 26 of them killed each other, 10 died when they lost contact with The Construct, and 13 of them were killed by The Construct. None survived, but Eracis. He was smart enough to stay away from it as much as he could. He still lives this way.

I have many more things to say, but I am running out of time. Eracis is coming.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's Jon

Joseph's gone. He's gone and he doesn't want me to look for him. Here's the story.

Some 30 minutes ago he woke me up. That's very unusual for Joseph as he neither gets up this early nor wakes me up if he does. He looked sort of nervous, and when I asked him why, he said he was hungry and sent me to the pizza place. Again, this was strange of him as he always does the shopping by himself.

So, OK, I went to the pizza place and got two pizzas for us, but when I got back, Joseph was gone. All he left was a .txt file on the laptop. Here's what it said.


He calls me. He calls me every night. I can't sleep. He wants me dead. I have to leave, Jon. He's getting angry with us. He doesn't like it when he's helpless. He sent The Rake. Even Eracis is his doing. He talks to me in my sleep, you know. His voice... Jon, there are four things I want you to do / not to do. I beg you to do as I say, as this is my last wish before death.

1. Don't look for me. He'll just take you like he wants to take me. Nobody can help you when he takes you.
2. Update both my blog and my twitter on a regular basis. I owe this to the people who read them. My Twitter password is (REDACTED) and my Blogger password is (REDACTED), in case you forgot.
3. Fight him until the end. Don't let him get you. Run if you have to. I will try to end him, but I doubt I'll succeed. Try and kill everyone working for him. I'm saying, The Rake, Eracis, and whoever comes in your way. Don't go for him yet. You'll know when it's time.
4. Try and contact The Seventh. He'll know what to do.

Also, if possible, visit our friends in my home town and give my father a call. Tell them all about my dissappearance. Don't tell my father about Construct. I had a call from Ed. He says he's been seeing him too. You might want to save him before it's too late. Please listen to everything I told you. And don't worry about me. He talked about you. He wants you gone too. Run, hide and fight.


P.S. Keep an eye out for anyone who has the same problem like us. You must help anyone you can.

I don't know what to say about this. He asked me not to look for him, and I guess I'll have to listen. I'll do what he told me to. It's his death wish. I'm gonna try contact The Seventh he talked about and then, I'll be off for Ed's place.
Stay with me guys,

Monday, June 24, 2013

No sleep today

I just realised yesterday was my birthday. I don't know how I forgot. Me and Jon here will have a late celebration later today, I guess. We can go buy ourselves a pizza or something, I don't know.

Sleep's been scarce through the night, I don't know if what Eracis wrote was true, but the fact that he can get us on rooftops kinda scares the hell out of me. He could have wrote that just to scare us, right?

No news as for now. Someone suggested that He comes was a line often used when Zalgo is near. I don't think Zalgo will get mixed into this, but hey. I've got Construct (Slender Man in canon), The Rake, and an... ...Eracis, I guess, after me, so I wouldn't be suprised if Jeff the Killer or BOB attacked us or whatever. I have been unable to contact The Seventh either.

Gonna try sleeping now

Keep on with the watch, but don't look for HIM
-The Thief

Sunday, June 23, 2013

News Flash

All in all, I'm alive. Not healthy, not happy, but at least alive. Me and my friend Jon are running across the states, listening to M's advice and sleeping on skyscrapers. I got hold on a laptop someone forgot in a restaurant. I know, I'm a bad person {you are}, but I probably need it more that it's owner did.

The Construct is still around, and so is his presumed Agent {not}, the one who we know by the name Katana Guy {his name is eracis}.    Looks like Construct can't really get too close to us, but Katana Guy  can. Construct only attacked us once, while his Agent attacked about two times or so. He can't get us up high either. No matter how hard I look, I can't see his face under the hood, even when he's facing me directly. Odd, huh?

I bet you wanna know more about the attacks. On the 21. of June I was sleeping in a hotel room. I thought four stories should be high enough. I was very wrong. I woke up to Construct standing beside my bed, Jon lying unconscious near the door with The Agent about to cut his head off with the katana. Construct touched me with one of his extremities (there are many). It felt awful. I've read blog posts saying it felt like hot glass touching you or whatever. This felt horrible. I can't put it into words. Like he directed all his rage into that one touch. Suddenly, an ear raping sound was heard, and they were gone. Just gone, like they never were there. We had a trip to the ER since Jon was unconscious and I had a burn where Construct touched me.

After this jolly event we decided to exchange comfort of enclosed spaces with security of rooftops. As for The Agent, or KG, whatever you want to call him, the first attack by him was when we first decided to leave. He was waiting just outside the door with his katana in hand. He seemed very weak, as I could very easily grab his hand and slash at his leg using his katana. He screamed. I never heard anything like that. You know how the nazgul scream in LOTR? This was way worse. I've gone into thinking he isn't human. Maybe I'm right. {you aren't}

Hey, I also decoded the thing those guys carved into the fence. It was in Base64. It read: He comes

See you soon, guys, I doubt I'll be seeing my friend on the West Coast since I don't want him ending up being stalked like me and Jon. Also, Jon might post somewhen in the future too.

Stay strong,

P.S. I couldn't get in contact with The Seventh {traitor} guy yet. I'll try doing that later today.

The Faceless sends his regards.


Thursday, June 20, 2013


I have seen Slender Man, or by the Core Theory, Construct. I know this sounds a bit rough and hard to believe, but I'm in a hurry as I have to leave my location. Now. I probably won't blog for at least 2 weeks. I'll be staying at hotels which probably don't have wifi (I decided to book the cheapest ones). Yes, I've read some blogs including M's Tutorial, White Elephants and Just Another Fool. In 2 weeks or so I'm staying at a friend on the West Coast, so I'll prob have a connection there. See you guys, and stay strong.


Monday, June 17, 2013


Ok, so yesterday I called the cops and told them about everything except the part where I woke up in the middle of the woods. When they arrived, we went to the tent (we said the katana guy attacked us there). We found it burned. The forensics took some hair they found around and went. That's all for the cops. They didn't help much.

I also received a call from a hidden number. A raspy voice introduced himself as 'The Seventh' and told me something about how the man who attacked me was a foe and how he will give me information in time. He hung up before I could ask anything. Seemingly, it's the same The Seventh from Twitter and the same guy who broke into Ron's house and made a post labeled 7. He talked in, well, somewhat of a medieval voice. I also noticed he never used apostrophes in his text, and he talked like a modernised medieval guy

Someone also painted some nonsense on Ron's house. He's pissed. Here it is if you're interested:


I'm pretty sure it's the same thing the junkies (were they junkies now?) carved into my fence. Or at least it was similar.

After sleeping over the inciedent, I feel a bit more... I don't know, real?

I'm going back home tomorrow. We still haven't found Al. Getting worried here

Sunday, June 16, 2013

What the fuck.

Imagine what it feels like to wake up to find yourself alone in the middle of a foggy forest, with no knowledge of how you got there, and then being chased by some motherfucker with a sword. Imagine openning your blog to make a new post and finding one with extremely creepy contents labeled "7". What the fuck is going on? The strange thing is, the guy on Twitter with the username The Seventh tweeted me a couple of days ago telling me something about how drowsiness is bad for running or whatever, and then, boom, out of nowhere comes that blog post telling me about the forest not being safe and whatnot. 

I bet you're dying to know what the fuck hapenned.

So we went on our little forest trek and everything was fine until we set up camp and fell asleep. As I said, there were six of us. I later learned that five of us woke up alone somewhere in the forest. The sixth one... We think we lost him. He hasn't come back 3 hours since. 
Not long after I woke up, I was chased by a man in a black hoodie wielding what appeared to be a katana. He would have got me if another man didn't interfere. I think he was dressed in navy blue or something, I couldn't quite make it out. Anyway, I think he ran in from the side and jumped on the black hoodie guy. I heard a scream, I didn't know who it belonged to. I didn't quite stand and watch. I ran away. Later, I met up with my friends at Ron's house (the place I'm staying at) and shared our experiences. The other ones weren't chased by anyone, they just had a hard time finding Ron's place, like me. Luckily, we all had our compasses with us. We went back to the tent, thinking we could find Al (the one who's missing) there. All we found is our ripped up tents. We also found what appear to be our footsteps leading to the places we woke up in. 

This is all extremely weird.

I also got a text from a weird number. It went like this:

Sender: 7777777

I told you I would help. I am the watcher. Who are you?

Notice the seven 7's. I'm almost sure this has something to do with the Twitter guy and the post labeled 7. So, who are you, seven guy, and why don't you come out?

I'm gonna make a trip to the police station. Come back to you somewhen tomorrow.
P.S. I know all this sounds weird but I'm still in shock.

Saturday, June 15, 2013


Your friend left the window open. Not secure. You left your blog open. Not secure. You should not have went into The Woods. Not secure. I will attempt helping you. Your life is at stake. Not secure at all.

The Trek

Ok people, I found some time to get back to you, I'm at my friend's place so I managed to get hold of a computer. I just wanted to do a status update. So, right now we're about to drive to our meeting point for the forest trek. The trek itself is about 20 miles long so we expect to finish it in about 7 hours or so. We also figured we could camp there as well. We have two 4-person tents, so since there's six of us, we'll have some breathing space. Come back to you tommorow.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Warning to all tresspassers

Ok, here's the deal. All of you junkies keep away from my house, and I leave you alone, fine? If you don't, well, what does a fucking baseball bat to the face sound like? I don't know if you read my blog, I highly doubt it as a matter of fact, but I don't care. I let you go these couple of days, but the next time I SEE you carving shit into my fence, I'm gonna run for you. And trust me, you're the one who's gonna get tired first. When I reach you, I'll knock your brain out of your druggy skull. Don't test me.

Going off for a roadtrip :D

So, I talked to my buddy Ed some 15 mins ago, we decided to visit my old town tommorrow. It's a good 4 hours drive away, but hey, it'll be worth it. I don't know if the hotel we're staying at has Wi-Fi so I don't know if I'll manage to update my twitter or this blog. Hey, I'll bring my camera so we can photograph the place. We're also doing a trek to the woods, that'll get some memories going :D As for my little raven, I decided to call him, well, Raven. I'm gonna leave him at dad's place. We're staying for only 1 night and we're coming back home on Saturday. I'll try to keep in touch with you guys.

Hello world!

It's me guys!

 Some of you already know me. For those who don't, my name is Joseph Cross. I'm 25 years old and I enjoy creepypasta, humor, Minecraft, and good music. My earliest childhood memory is of our family house. I lived there with my parents until I was 15. It was a nice place, I had many friends and enjoyed it all. My most vivid memories of the town were the woods. A big, dark, heavily wooded pine forest. I enjoyed playing there with my friends and father.

 A day after my fifteenth birthday, my parents divorced. I never knew why, it was something they both never talked about, even nowadays when I ask my father about it, he changes the subject or something. Anyway, 3 months later my mother killed herself. She never left a note except a blank paper with her signature she held to when they found her.

Since then, my life turned into a nightmare.  The place we moved in is very, very boring. I was never accepted amongst other people, even today I've got only 3 good friends. I've been sentenced to a loner's life, and now I even lost my job, a job I barely found. 5 years ago I moved away from my dad's place and now I live by myself, a social outcast on the isolated island that is this town.

Enough of my boring, depressive past. I always wanted to be a photographer and movie director, so, I saved up some money and 2 weeks ago I bought myself a Nikon  D7000. Yesterday I went photographing but I came across an abandoned baby raven in the park. I'm glad to say I managed to get her a cage and everything that goes with it. Now I'm officially a proud owner of a raven! I still haven't found a name for it. I hope you guys like the blog, I'm pretty sure we'll be doing all sorts of stuff here and I'm also talking with a friend who's interested in cowriting. See you guys soon!