Tuesday, December 31, 2013


I found Bill's journal. It's the most disturbing thing. Here are the scans:

Suddenly, I don't feel very safe here. If you can't read what it says, basically, he starts seeing what I'm seeing in July, it all begins with the photo I uploaded yesterday. Then it becomes worse up until he decides to move to Florida. Then, it's quiet for about a month, then Mattatu starts showing up again, until one day Bill sees him in his house. He then proceeds to go nuts, write a lot of weird stuff in a weird language. He then writes about not remembering anything that happened after he saw Mattatu in the house. The last entry is just after I called him. He invited me for New Year's. Then, in the end is an odd drawing of Rake, The Master and Mattatu above a small man, who is saying something in a weird language, under him is a fire. There are words coming down into the fire from under Mattatu. The rest of the book is empty, save for a little USB stick I found in a pocket in the journal. It contains a password encrypted .rar file. I didn't confront Bill about any of this yet. I'm going to do it tonight, when he gets drunk. Maybe I'll get something out of him. Happy New Year, and thank you for staying with me.


Monday, December 30, 2013


No word from Robert yet, but, as I was browsing my friend's computer (let's call him Bill, I want him to be anonymous) I found a rather odd photo. It seems to be a shot from a car, photographing an unknown location, and guess who's in it. It's heavily distorted and lower quality than the other ones. I'm becoming worried: if He shows up in my friend's photo, does that mean he's being followed, or at least in danger of it? As far as this concerns me, it somehow comforts me. Perhaps I can shake off the feeling of guilt I'm feeling for bringing him into this, and replace it with joy for helping him with this. I'm going to confront him about it when he comes home, here's the photo for you all to see:

I'll look around the apartment for more things. Until then.


Sunday, December 29, 2013

Elaboration continued

Sorry for the abrupt ending. Here's what happened:
After sitting down at Robert's place we started talking. He told me it's dangerous to go around Agents' houses unarmed. I took out my gun and told him I was armed. He laughed and told me to shoot him in the head. After some hesitation, I put the gun on his forehead and fired. As I removed the barrel of my gun, I was shocked to see that he was unharmed: there wasn't even a bullethole in his head. He grinned, and explained that Agents can't be harmed by, what he called, 'mundane weapons'. You require something 'out of this plane'. When I asked him what, he wouldn't tell me, which is kind of obvious, since it would endanger him. I asked him if he helped me out of their realm and The Tree. He said that it wasn't him, and they have no idea who did it. I asked him about the other Agents. He didn't want to tell me anything about them. I told him about my plan to go to Florida, he said it's a good one and that I should leave immediatelly. He told me not to stay around NY and to go straight to the airport. He also told me no to go to the hometown yet, since it's too dangerous right now. He said he'll meet me exactly 24 hours after I arrive to Florida, so that's tommorow. After leaving, I headed back to the hotel I was at to pick my stuff out, so I figured I'd stay for just a bit so I could post an update. To my great shock, I lifted my gaze to see Mattatu staring at me from my window, so I ran off to the airport. They were following me, Mattatu and Mary Jane. They stopped at the airport, and turned around. That brings me here. I'm staying at my friend's. Catch up with you tommorow.


Saturday, December 28, 2013


I'm alive. Yesterday at roughly the same time as now I headed over to Robert's apartment. Nobody answered the door so I decided to wait in front of the building. I saw him come inside after about two hours, so I followed him in, with a gun. Once I reached the door, I took my gun out and prepared to shoot. As I heard the footsteps of Robert coming towards the door, I suddenly remembered how good he was to me as I was hanging, so I decided to put the gun away. At least until he turns hostile. He opened the door and was not at all surprised to see me, as he said he was expecting me. He welcomed me inside and told me to sit on the sofa, which I did. He made us tea, and we sat down. He asked me if I knew what sort of danger was I in right now, and explained to me that he could have come with another Agent who wouldn't be as happy to see me waiting in front of the building, exposed. Oh shit, gotta run, part 2 coming up soon -j

Friday, December 27, 2013


Guys, I had something in mind for a couple of days. Remember the gun I used to shoot Eracis? It's still here. I just need to get a new clip and some bullets. I'm planning a hunt. An Agent hunt. Since Eracis is most likely dead, that's one superfucker less. I'm concerned about Rake, who hasn't showed itself since a long time ago, and The Master himself. I don't know how much longer I'll be able to run from his servants. I need to cripple him for a long enough time so I can think of something and investigate my home town some more. I still have a hunch about that place, even though I'm too creeped out to go there right now. I just think that if I kill enough Agents in a short period of time, they'll be indisposed. It wasn't The Master who originally trapped me. It was his minions. While I was on The Plains, as they call them, I met most of the senior Agents. There are 8 of them in total:
-Antioch (who presented himself as The Seventh, cruel little man, short brown hair, evil eyes, constantly a bitch to everyone)
-Mary Jane (a woman, plain brown hair, plain pale face, don't remember her that well)
-Timothy (a sullen, tall man in his 40s.)
-Robert (a bald, short fellow. He looks older than he presents himself to be. He was friendlier than the others, he told me he knows exactly what I'm going through as I was hanging, presumably he hanged once too.)
-Matattu (masked, presumably male. He wears a black skull mask, a black turban like thing that covers his entire head save for the mask, black gloves, and black robes. I never heard him speak, even when talked to.)
-Gareth (old man, I feel he is some sort of leader, or at least on a higher position than the other Agents. He talks to The Master and presents The Agents with his intentions and gives them orders. Even though he's old, he's strangely swift and strong.)
-Gerald (huge, muscular man. Undoubtedly the strongest among The Agents.)

I know that Robert, when not in The Plain realm resides in New York. I know his exact address, so I'm gonna go look for him. Like, right. Now.
Gonna get back to you when I'm back.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Ok, checked out of the hospital couple of days ago. Among other news, my laptop broke. Yup, that thing Eracis gave me broke after all it's been through. I went to the laptop service place, they couldn't find the cause for the malfunction. Oh well, I bought a really cheap little notebook. It's so slow that even typing is a torture. The flu is gone, now I can continue freezing in NYC. I've been thinking about going somewhere warm. I'm practically homeless. I have a friend over in Florida who could take me in, I guess, however, I haven't heard from him for a year or so. On second thought, it's a really bad idea. Everyone I ever teamed up with got killed, mysteriously disappeared, or went mad and joined Him. I could give it a shot, cause, honestly, my survival is more important than his. I know, I'm being the most selfish motherfucker ever, but that's the only way to survive. I'd hate to have survived multiple encounters with Tentacle Boy and his minions, yet to freeze to death, or starve. I'm gonna have to use everything I can get to, including my friend in Florida. I've got some spare change left, may be enough to get a plane ticket.

In other words: theories. I had plenty of time to think about these in the hospital. I came up with several of these:

Theory 1: He is a tulpa created by some weird cult long ago, as The Seventh used to theorize. This is the least likely theory due to the fact it was told to me by The Seventh, who is an Agent.

Theory 2: He is the embodiment of evil, he has existed since the dawn of time. What do you think, where did all those bedtime stories come from? I mean look at the fucker: he's evil itself. He deceives, kills, rapes (in some cases), burns, he has a bunch of servants willing to do his will. And he's invincible. You can't kill him. You can hurt him, yes, but that makes him mad. And you know what the worst thing is: nobody who 'went missing' after seeing Him or encountering Him was never seen, never heard from, and never found. When he gets you, the void swallows you.

Theory 3: WW2. Maybe he was made in some weird german/japanese/american/whatever experiment and meant to be used as a super weapon or something? It's a weird theory, but I guess we can give it a shot.

Theory 4: I'm mad. What if I'm just insane? What if this is all a fucking delusion? I remember my state a short while ago, before I was taken: I was batshit insane. I thought I was some sort of immortal hero, born to kill Him. And able  to do it. It's weird. You just, like, believe in this one thing, and despite everything tells you otherwise, you still believe in it. I really hope this one is true, because it's the best variant. This would mean, none of my friends are dead, or better yet, it was all a figment of my imagination, and none of these people existed.

Ok, I should go eat something.  If you have some information that could help me, feel free to comment, or email me at bluem4rble@gmail.com . Thanks for staying with me guys,