Monday, July 29, 2013


One of you asked me who I was and how did I get inside Jon's head. This won't be easy.

When Jon was 15 on his summer break, he read an article about tulpas and creating them, so he decided to give it a try. He always wanted a twin brother, so he figured that would be his tulpa. For those of you who don't know what a tulpa is, it's a thoughtform. I really don't want to go into details about it. If you want to know more about tulpas, google the term.

He spent his whole summer vacation meditating and creating me. I was supposed to be the exact same as him. In everything. Even share his memories and his personality. Thus I was created. We spent the next year happilly together. We chilled out, since Jon didn't really have friends back then. After that year we spent together constantly, he started putting a distance between us. He said something about the fact we are the same being creepy and that he would go insane if we continued this way. After a month of that, he started totally ignoring me. Like I wasn't there. This made me angry. Very, very angry. So I continued living in his brain, like all tulpas do. I watched and wished for vengeance. He could have at least destroyed me, you know, the way he made me but just reverse it. But he was too lazy, so he condemned me to 10 years of suffering in his head, feeling everything he felt, sharing every gruesome moment with him. This was highly unnerving.

Then one day, I felt something. It was the day he met Joseph, some 8 or 9 years ago. It was like I had greater power. I could actually control Jon's movement. Just a bit. I could change his breathing slighty, make him blink and control some minor muscles. It intensified over the years. So before Jon started seeing The Master, now I could actually move his arms and legs at night. Not enough to walk, just a bit, I guess. Then Jon started seeing The Master for the first time. More power, even more than what I accumulated over the years. Now I could awake him at night, stand up, and do some small activities. Nothing much, my coordination sucked. I could, for example, turn on the music slightly and watch him freak out when he wakes up in the morning. Or break things. That was always good. Then, he got caught on that rooftop. This time, The Master was so close to him, He even entered his brain. I felt his great presence. The Master made Joseph carve in his poem onto Jon's back. I felt the pain, but so did Jon. After that, I gained coordination. Finally, I started using his Twitter. He fought me and we wrote fucked up shit. He didn't remember, as he was half-asleep. Then finally, one day, The Master came again, and it was the breaking point. I was too strong to be kept in Jon's brain. So I took over his body, too. Currently, he's trapped in what is now MY brain, and I don't intend on letting the fucker out.

I joined The Horde along with Joseph. We serve The Master now. And poor Jon has to watch the bad things we do. Every fucking second of it. Especially the gory parts. Ooh, the little pussy cries so much to that. He's crying now as he reads this. He's desperate. He can't control anything. At least he now knows what it was like for me for 10 fucking years.


Sunday, July 28, 2013


Jon is now trapped in my head as I was in his. The really awesome part is that he's now forced to see what I see. We just attacked a runner and gave him over to The Master. He was forced to watch. We also paid a visit to a possible applicant to The Horde. He wasn't too excited. Jon cried. He's such a pussy.

On the bright side, I saved him (and myself) from certain death by gaining control. Jon would have continued running and eventually would either have gotten killed or taken by The Master and used as a brainless puppet. At least now he can see Joseph again. He was much smarter than Jon.

You see, Joe never planned on actually killing The Master. He was in the beginning. But later, he realised what I did long ago. Running doesn't pay off. You die. And it's very traumatising too.

Joe joined The Horde and placed himself under The Master's control, sparing Him of the chase. This satisfied The Master for a while, but Jon was out there, planning how to hurt Him. He had to attack. And so he did. What nobody realised is that exposure to The Master made me stronger. Now I could partially gain control when Jon was asleep. Jon was still half-conscious when that hapenned, thus the fucked up tweets. In the end, I fully gained control over his body.

I don't really know why I'm updating his blog, but I feel somehow responsible. Nobody likes to be left hanging, however small the view number of this blog is.


Friday, July 26, 2013

Free at last

Jon is gone. This is Edward speaking. I am now independent of Jon, even though we share the same body. I am very thankful for The Master's aid and shall join Jon's friend in aiding The Master in achieving his great plan. Edward out.


It's slimy, feral hands are around my neck. It is hard to breath. The stench of death rises from it's mouth. He always watches, not like Him. It is always there, inside my head. It doesn't always awaken. It is awake now. And it comes to finish me.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Introduction Redux

I've been thinking and realised you guys barely know anything about me, so here's a sort of introduction.

My name is Jon Wilson. I'm 23 years old. I used to be Joseph's friend, and now I took over his blog and twitter.

Before all this shit started going down, I was an aspiring writer. I didn't take any writing classes or anything. I just wanted to write some fiction, nothing too professional. I worked on a sort of collection of short stories, most of them inspired by Lovecraft. I also did some classical horror, a zombie apocalypse story, a creepy murder story, and a bunch of them you could consider creepypasta. I adore creepypasta. Sadly

Before this started, I had a bit of an idea who ol' Slendy was. I read some creepypasta about him. Even watched some videos on him, like MarbleHornets or TribeTwelve. I never finished watching them.

I also love sports. Soccer being my favorite.

I met Joe way back when he moved in here. We quickly became friends, since we had similar interests. My life is now ruinder. Lovely. Blogger be laggging, Slendy be watching. Yeah, I'll call it here.

Monday, July 8, 2013


I will answer your questions. Once again I am sorry I hid the truth about Joseph, I thought it was better for you not to go looking for him.

1. You said something about your companions. Who are they?
We are The Seven. We were on this Earth first. We are in charge of preserving the world and destroying eldritch abominations which could destroy humanity. Such as Him. However, my companions do not want to destroy Him as they do not know if they could succeed. My mission is to make them see He is not as strong as they think.
2. Why can you answer my questions only three times or whatever?
Because the prophecy says so. I think I already told you this.
3. What does the prophecy exactly say?
That one day a Hero shall rise and defeat Him, and that The Seventh member of The Seven shall guide him, which would mortalize The Seventh. I am The Seventh.
4. Who is The Rake?
A feral beast of great intelligence. He is written about in many cultures, however in different ways. We do not know exactly how he came into being but he seems to commanded by Construct.
5. Who are you exactly?
I am The Seventh, The Messenger, The One Who Brings Knowledge, The Teacher. I am in charge of knowledge within The Seven. Or was. I was evicted from The Seven by The First, him being our leader. They did not like me helping humans as much. However, the only way I could possibly be evicted is death. And I, at the moment, am immortal. So I am now a hermit in charge of the education of The Hero, and possibly, you might be The Hero.
6. Can He be killed?
All things can be killed in one way. Some are hard to kill, like The Seven, but even we can be killed in a way. We do not know, to tell the truth. It is written in the prophecy about a hero facing him and destroying him, so the answer to this question could most likely be yes.
7. How do I hide from all of His Agents and Him?
It is easy: you do not. They will find you no matter what you do. The rules of M will not give you a sanctuary.  He can change the rules depending on what people believe. And with so many theories being proposed on the Internet and the popularity of the mythos which speak of him, he ha a vast number of rules to adopt. One moment he cannot reach the heights, but then, suddenly, his strength is equal everywhere. You will find him to be agressive at times, and at other times you will find him curious. He is an advanced thoughtform, a demigod, which was not finished. It is upon every man on earth to finish his being. That is why he is so frightening. He is not defined, unlike the fairy tale monsters humans tell to kids.

Another note. Be careful. The thing that ocurred to you should not happen again. Run.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Defense Measures Taken

So, I was casually browsing the internet on my rooftop when suddenly, Sports Cap Guy attacked me. He had this large pocket knife of sorts and he was running towards me. Now I noticed he had a skin-colored balaclava on his head as well. Like I told you, I had defense measures to use. I bought a gun. I shot the guy. Boom. Boom. That was it. He let out a muffled scream, and I didn't  hit any of his vital organs. One shot hit his shoulder and the other one missed (I found it in a wall on the rooftop). He dropped his knife and ran down the stairs. I followed. And bam. There He stood. The Construct himself. I have no fucking idea how he got there. The height thing didn't work. And I was on a fucking 14-story building. My gun still had some rounds in it so I fired at him. Didn't work. Just pissed him off. I woke up in the middle of a fucking wooded park. It was about half an hour walking away from my building. The trees looked exceptionally dark and malicious. I never remembered myself running that fast. I wanted to get to my rooftop and get my stuff. Soon after I found out it was a trap. Seems Slendy dropped me off at the park so he can have time for others to regroup. The Rake, Eracis, Sports Cap Guy, Slendy, and a handful of other balaclava-wearing people were there. All staring at me. Two of the other people rushed at me, gave me a kick to the stomach and knocked me down to the floor. Then, they held me firmly down. I was starting to hear fucking whispers. In my head. I don't know what language it was, but it filled me with a sense of dread. It was Him of course. Did you ever feel so desperate your whole body just felt like screaming? And you felt so, so warm you wanted to go insane? That was what the whispers did to me. It fucked with my head. Making me see things. I saw Joe dead. My parents dying. My dog getting torn apart by some creatures. All my friends standing in line to die a horrible death. I almost believed it to be real. This is how He kills. He doesn't rip people apart with his tentacles. He makes them kill themselves. It hurts more that way. And then I was Him. I saw it. I saw a young woman reading a book, only to look at Him and run in terror. Then the scene changed. The woman was running and screaming. From Him. It changed again. The woman had a hunting rifle now. She laughed as she pointed it at Him. She shot once. She shot twice. He didn't even feel it. Scene change. The woman was looking at Him from the edge of a skyscraper. She was mad, laughing hysterically. Slowly her body was swallowed by the abyss, only to crash into a taxi 200 meters down. I was now shifted back to reality, but in his point of view. I felt Him getting closer. I was Him, and He was me. It was fucked up. It hurt. I saw myself clinched by his Agents,, looking so fucked up, so miserable, so pathetic. He felt pity. And he felt joy. Excitement. I tried to make him go away, but he wouldn't budge. I understood, he was going to make somoene kill me, or hurt me, and he wanted me to watch. I saw the man with the sports cap approaching, his shoulder bandaged. he had his knife back. He tore my shirt apart, and used the knife as a pen. Suddenly, the perspective shifted, and my head burst with pain (or his head, I felt it nonetheless). The man was writing something, and it hurt me. I watched myself scream in helpless agony, knowing I couldn't escape. He wrote the exact copy of the poem posted on my blog. After finishing, he took a bottle of what appeared to be whiskey and spilled it all over my back. It hurt like a motherfucker, it burned. I felt the letters hurt. Then he proceeded to whisper on my ear: 'We could have stayed friends Jon, like we were all these years'. I blacked out again. I found myself back on the rooftop, in the very same place the poem was carved into my back. I didn't go into the ER. I think they purged the wound with that whiskey. At least now I know who the man with the balaclava is. I think it's Joseph.

It matches what The Seventh said. And yes, motherfucker, you could have made everything easier if you just told me the truth in the beginning. Here are my questions for you:

1. You said something about your companions. Who are they?
2. Why can you answer my questions only three times or whatever?
3. What does the prophecy exactly say?
4. Who is The Rake?
5. Who are you exactly?
6. Can He be killed?
7. How do I hide from all of His Agents and Him?

There, seven burning questions for The Seventh. Be quick.

Saturday, July 6, 2013


Jon, you must know something.

I didn't transfer Joseph to another dimension.

I never moved him.

I lied to you. I lied to protect you. I do not know where he is, I do know however that he is not dead. He is alive, but his mental state has possibly deterred. I studied Joseph since he was born. He appeared to have a psychopatic side to him. A weak, bleak side of him that was rarely displayed. Jon, I am sorry I cannot give you more answers. I can answer to your questions only three more times. That would be six messages in total. The seventh message would be my last, and I would finally turn into a mortal, thus the seventh one will be written only in an emergency. It is due to a prophecy once written about me and a great hero. I do not know if you are that great hero but I do not want to test the prophecy.

I have tasks for you.

1. Gather questions. I can answer them all in one message.

2. DO NOT go after Him just yet. DO NOT attack Him.

3. Be careful. You are the only hope We have. My companions do not trust me about you, and thus they will not react against Him yet. You must somehow convince them. The best way is wisdom and patience. That is what I want you to be. Wise and patient. Only those attributes can get you strong help.

I hope you forgive me about Joseph. There was nothing I could do. Ask me anything you want and I shall answer it.



I'm alive. I've been on the run and I'm sorry if this turns out to be all rushed up, since I have to leave the place I'm at immediatelly. There's this guy who's been following me. At first I thought I was paranoid but yesterday I moved to another city and he was there again. I think he could be an Agent or something. MAybe he's just Eracis in different clothes? He wore a grey shirt, navy blue jeans and a white sports cap. He didn't have any visible weapons. I couldn't get a clear look at his face either. I might have to employ a defense measure I thought of if he does anything fishy. Not going to say what it is yet. Sorry I can't make the post any longer caue I have to go.
ps I forgot, that last post wasn't by me

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Poetry for Jon


You swore to destroy us
Yet you linger warily.

You swore to end us
Yet you speak so merrily.

I once had respect
But now it's all gone.

Last time I checked
You were only my pawn.

All this now, though
You disrupt our flow.

We will end you
Once we come from the blue.

You won't even notice
When we pluck you like a lotus.

Every single notion
Shall end with emotion


I have outdone myself indeed.

-Wouldn't you want to know

run..-mka now you mjujst ruj n before we comemee