Tuesday, January 7, 2014


God dammit. Hey guys, want to know something about my life? EVERYONE DIES. Everyone I ever team up with fucking dies. It's like reading a Song of Ice and Fire book, every good guy dies. Except Joseph. But I guess he died in a sense of the word. Bill is dead. Robert visited. He says Bill went looking for Agents to kill, he found the tall, sullen guy (forgot his name), and guess what happened? Yes, he tried to shoot him, yes, he failed, and yes, the dude fought back. Fucking fuck. Robert wasn't too much helpful other than that, he was somehow, let's say 'absent', during the entire conversation. His answers were indefinite, when he spoke he didn't make any fucking sense. And, at this one moment, he just disappeared. Just to make something clear: I don't trust him. The fact that he didn't kill me when he could and that he helped me out when I hung don't change anything.

Also, I looked at the weird language written in the journal. Running it through Google Translate told me it's Hausa, and further Google searches told me Hausa is spoken in Nigeria and Niger. Here's what it told me:

Weird entry 1:

Death will come in and you wake in the dawn of the night you will burn slowly as you look deliberately and who died

Weird entry 2:

Quick death spare him from the pain, I pray, I pray kill me


Mattatu is saying 'you will burn' repeteadly, and the guy is saying 'kill me'.

I also checked Mattatu. It means 'dead'. Well, rather logical, I guess. But what does it mean? Why is that his name? Too many questions, too little answers. Hitting the road soon. I'm thinking about my next location. Jon out.


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