Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coming of a Rapture

Wow. You know what happened? Well, here's the story. So I decided to go to the woods, even though it looked like an obvious trap. So, I walk up to this big, burned clearing, and see someone waiting. I approach warily, but the figure greets me warmly and shakes my hand firmly. It was Robert. He told me that an event he explained as 'The Rapture' will occur on the 22nd, and that I must stop it. The only way to stop 'The Rapture' would be to distract The Master until the 23rd, local time, comes. Then he started babbling about weapons, how I'm not the one, whatever. He said I must have time to brace myself. And then he looked at me, told me to sit down (I didn't, unfortunately for me) and did something with his hands, and swoosh, I fell down, hurting my head. I stood up, noting I was in the place I stay at. But here's one thing: when I departed to the woods, it was the 21st, now it's the 19th. I don't know what to make of this, I don't know whether I should trust Robert, and I don't know how accomplish what he told me to. I'll come back to you once I get some sleep and plan this out.


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